The Halloween Doctor

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This will be my first Entry on Newgrounds and the first flash I have ever completed. I decided this was a good website to put it in. I know there will be some differences in art, since I worked on this since April (off and on not to mention my change in art form).

I am entering this for the Halloween Contest on Newgrounds for Halloween 2010.

P.S., there are two Easter eggs from the Play button page right before you play the movie(two of them are quite easy to find if you look around for a bit).

Happy Halloween and Enjoy!

(remember health insurance is a must!)



Loved the Preloader. This one should have at least have been top 5 of the halloween year ;-/

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The facial expressions are pretty good. Kind of reminds me of rtil for some reason, but those were hilarious. It's quite underrated though... It probably took alot of work to do this am I right? but anway good job.

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not bad - i kinda like it, ur style of drawin,... perhaps some scary music in the background would have helpd a bit....

Excellent style!

Reminds me of Superjail!

One thing I noticed is that both characters had nearly identical voices. Perhaps practice your technique for changing your voice, or try doing some collaborations for a greater variety of voices?

Also, try to speed up some of the movements. They flow very well, but they are too long and drawn out, and seem unnatural.

Another thing you could do is obtain some sound effects. I'm sure that would be easy enough with the nature of this site and some of the higher-ups.

Eventually you could acquire a fan base similar to Egoraptor, as this looks to be slightly inspired by his art. Try to get ahold of him for some tips!

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4.21 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2010
11:28 PM EDT
Comedy - Original