zombie rage

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NG wont let me delete this

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Need ALOT of work.

karazy-j responds:

Look i posted this like two years ago and am ashamed of it and NG wont let me delete this piece of shit. im gonna have to make a new profile and start on that because this is just embarrasing

needs work

this needs lots of work before it can actually be considered a game, oh and it's a little knowen fact that zombies as we know them today are fake but there once was and may still be real zombies, the original zombies were not undead but brain dead and mind controlled, they were created when these shamans would blew a nerotoxin into the faces of certain people and when inhaled this toxin would hinder rational thinking and make you willing to do as the shaman said, when these people were seen stumbling around and drooling by forigners they thought they were undead people and all this stuff we see on tv today stems from that


still need work the baddies dont even move

zombies don't do anything

The zombies don't fight back or advance toward me.


It was OK. The animation sucked. Gameplay was short repetative and not chalenging at all. I was sorta fun while it lasted. It is probably better than I can do given my currnt skill but it just wasn't that good. 1/5 2/10

karazy-j responds:

i know and the next game i will make WILL have moving enimies