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Pixel Perfect

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The Pixel Perfect Collaboration!

Well, here it is. The basic idea was to make random little animations that start out with nice lines, and then transform to a pixelated image.

We've worked on this for almost three months, and it's finally done. We had alot of fun making this, and we hope you enjoy watching this.

Animator's that didn't finish their parts:


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Awesome collab, deserved a daily 4th or 5th.

-One egg 7/10
The first was not very good, the others were, except the one with bouncing egg was odd.
-Simple Animator 10/10
Nice! The circle has nice easing, and the second one was pure gold, nice in structure.
-Jacco 10/10
Nice animation, the heart was odd looking, but everything flowed very nicely.
-Turtleco 10/10
Not much here but the animation was very smooth..
-Liljoey50 9/10
Nice animation, they just all needed alittle smoothing, but the style was there and good looking.
-JPB 10/10
Smooth, good transitions make theese animations perfect.
-Shinsukelto 10/10
Very creative, smooth and sexy animations. The best of the bunch!

Very good collab, almost everything was perfect. Good layout, but something to add to the buttons would be when you scroll over make the pixel art go to brush art.
The preloader needed work, since alot of people vote on the preloader only.

Jacco responds:

Thanks for this review! I'm sure the animator's will thank you for your kind words.

This was great

It was something but, it was lacking some liveliness. This needed to have better music and something else. Maybe next time if you create another you should gather up more parts and show it all in one frame.

Maybe a bit like Moarph collab if ya know what I mean.

Anyway, not bad and I would like to see more

Jacco responds:

Great tips. Thanks for reviewing!

Good animation.

The low score is most likely due to the fact that while the content is good, it lacks depth. I mean yeah, this is basically a mini show reel of you guys' animation abilities. Luckily the animations were all clean and smooth, so no complaints from me on that front. You just need more than a few simple loops if you want a better score.

Jacco responds:

I agree. I wasn't expecting a huge score, so it's all good. Thanks for the review!


I'm still wondering why this got such a low score...

Oh, well.
It was a good collab.

Jacco responds:

It was indeed

Amazing d:

i liked it
shinsukelto animation is awesome :D

Jacco responds:

I agree. BTW it's Shinsukeito. i is a capital letter, so I looks like l.

I know it's confusing.