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WHOOKOS Beta: Epis 3

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Author Comments

Thanks for the Front Page Newgrounds!

Never again. This and the WHOOKOS Halloween Special were animated simultaneously. I think I'm gonna start dishing these out one at a time from now on.

Anyway, enjoy!


There's the funny thing..

Below me is some person called J05H-DA who used numbers in his name which was actually first used by Japanese teenagers...ironic fact number one. Number two is this same person has absolutely nothing on his page of any value. Three is the fact that he/it is commenting on a flash, a.k.a. a cartoon (persay) say seems to believe that it should adhere to real-world events. Yet here is the generic bully #1 on Newgrounds commenting on a flash when, if he doesn't like 'wapanese' then shouldn't have watched it in the first place. Is it just me or is there a crap load of irony here?

But don't you worry (here let me help) Josh, I'll hate you for being you and I expect I am not the only one :D. Now you go back to getting your C's in school and take a job as a janitor at said school, nothing like getting paid by the same district that you nearly flunked at. That or as was once said go play on a freeway.

On to the actual tiny review.

I'll make this short and sweet, once again I'll say that your movement animations need some work, the actually animation of the characters aren't bad, just some parts could use some 1. smoothing out or 2. different move sets. It still has the feel of your classic WHOOKOS and that generally isn't a bad thing. Keep it up.


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WHOOKOS responds:


Wapanese Kids' Adventure Epis: 3

Oh boy, another epsode of The Wapanese Kids' Adventures! I wonder what kind of hijinx they'll get into this time? Maybe they'll fight some evil doers with sticks! Or fall asleep during another important math lecture! Those little scamps, always up to no good!

On a serious note, this flash was terrible. You're trying way too hard to make it look like you and your butt-buddies were cool. I can picture that exact scenario were "black-belt dolphin", great name by the way, totaly not gay or anything, got that no-name character in a head-lock, but it went something a little like this: You and your fellow whookos butt-buddies were walking down the hall during recess when generic bully #1 shoves wapanese whookos member #1 into a locker. At this point, wapanese whookos member #2 says something like "H-hey! You better stop or I-I'll get the teacher!". Then generic bully #2 punches him and bullies #1 and #2 walk away laughing and high-fiving. Then the whookos butt-buddies run home to cry and do some voice work for a terrible flash.

You're not very faithful to real-world events, are you?

Oh yeah, your art style is terrible as well. The eyes all look like fired eggs. You should work on that. But seeing as how you're as wapanese as any human being can possibly be, I doubt you will. I'd mention the sound and backgrounds but I'd just end up saying the word "terrible" a bunch more times and I've already used that word enough.

Oh, and good job pointing out your other cartoon series to spazkid. I'm sure he wants to watch your pathetic attempt at making a "serious" cartoon. The art stryle used in those cartoons is even more generic then the one used in this series and the eyes are some how even bigger, I didn;t think that was even possible. But you're all about prooving the impossbile, right? At least when it comes to the ability to draw eyes like an autistic seven year old.

P.S. Don't take this review as some kind of "troll" attempt. I assure you, if I didn't know what whookos, or who you or any of your firends were, I'd still hate it. I genuinely hate it.

WHOOKOS responds:

I could never hate this review. =D A little long for my taste. I kinda skimmed through it, but I really appreciate honesty. To be fair though, Spazkid hates my animations because he hates me. Same for Rina chan. If anyone else were to have made Street Fighter Club, you guys wouldn't even pay it any mind. Ah well. ^^

Now I know what happened to the Soda.

Punks like these are why I had to settle for fruit juice and milk during school hours. So angry. I hate Snapple.
Voice acting was meh.

happy juce

the best flash i have seen so far


Once again, you've depicted the school life of the outside group! Kudos on doing it so perfectly. I can't wait for the next one.

The only suggestion I have is to find a way to even out the voice volume.

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Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2010
7:24 AM EDT
Comedy - Original