You ARE SOUL Hunter

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++ I made this five years ago but didn't submit it because It was just too cutting edge for 2005 - now, with the Flash player suitably increased in power It can finally be released eh ? ++

trick ! it sucked then and it sucks Mucho worse now ! - but I always thought a game called 'You Arsehole Hunter' would do well on NG, and if I added a monster goth chick with a nice rack I'd definately get my prized 2.57

5 years ago I couldn't figure out cookies and so it's got a password system - how quaint !

visit my twitter page to see my game-a-day project and if you like it sign up -
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www.twitter.com/kbsgameto ilet


I actually beat the game but there was nothing to see except some text stating the effort you put on the game. Then again, it's kinda my fault for expecting some adult material at the end of this increasingly frustating game since you the "A" rating for adults only. Still it was fun while it lasted.


the farthest I got was a level with password "coombs" hope it helps everyone

Nice idea!

The game idea is nice, I like playing it, but you need to make the game more, colorful and stuff, and change the ball into something more death like, like a scythe or something.

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hamtyler responds:

I know what you mean - it's one of those things where you make the title screen, and the game engine and you're about to start doing some level design and mother shouts 'Dinner Time ! ' and the whole project just stalls there and then .

I like the scythe idea - but I was going with the ball really just because I wanted to make it a bit 'Phantasm'-y as that it the horror film that makes my head explode the most.

A proper 'Phantasm' game would just be horror pinball of course, but making a pinball game in flash in those pre-box 2d day was waaaay beyond my abilities !

very good

despite i didnt play all the way thru, what i did play i enjoyed, but found myself no to addicted to the game, nice way of death and continuing, graphics ok, sound ok, good job

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2.44 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2010
5:44 PM EDT
Skill - Collect