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Made this for a science project in an hour and a half. Hope you love it. Not exactly meant to be my best work.

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Now My Favorite Radioisotope

Loved the presentation, like a company advertising it. Loved "it's hydrogen-3, and it's AWESOME!", and the angry face on the Hindenburg. It does look like MS-Paint was used to make the graphics, but with the resources you had, you did AWESOME.

I had to deduct two points, though, but only for a couple reasons:
1) When tritium is written as if it was on the periodic table, instead of writing "H3", either "T" or "H-3" would be used.
2) The fact that tritium is radioactive wasn't even mentioned. Mentioning that tritium decays into stable helium-3 with a half-life of 12.6 years in some humorous way would be greatly appreciated.
3) The "yes, yes, yes" didn't really need three different people saying it at the same time, considering only one person was shown at the time.
4) You said "it can also be used as fuel". Yes, tritium can be used in nuclear fusion as a source of energy, but when you just said "it" instead of "tritium", it kind of sounds a little confusing as to whether you're refering to tritium or ordinary hydrogen.

But those are just minor things. I give the review an 9/10 (equivalent to 4.5 out of 5), but I rated it 5/5 because of all the funny parts, and the 5 face better described me watching this than the 4.

This video convinced me that hydrogen-3, a.k.a. tritium, is the awesomest radioisotope around. One of the most humorous videos I ever seen, and the most humorous educational video I ever seen on Newgrounds. Well done! Such videos are rare... I wonder if the meat in this paragraph was irradiated with tritium.

Excellent, Decent

I absolutely love the humor and I would love to see more of it.

However, I only have one issue with this: try not to scream into the microphone as it will distort the sound (besides, its unpleasant to hear).


Hope your project is not finished, regarding some facts in this flash are imprecise. Anyhow, somewhat nice work. Sound is not very high quality but easy to understand. Graphics are ok. Should be enough for your class.

Very good!

Such enthusiasm! Its fun. I learnt a little too- I didn't know they used tritium as a light source.

Punchy images, great talking. Some humour, made me smile a little.

Could have a link to more info, such as Wikipedia tritium or something- please add that, its so easy.

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4.13 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2010
3:38 PM EDT