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This is my first submission to newgrounds and my first interactive flash object. I made it for my web-art-design subject at uni based on the theme of identity. I had to rush it a bit so as you can probably tell it could do with a bit of work. The idea is that the house itself is a metaphor for an anonymous person's identity, and the person is going through a difficult time in their life. All the objects in the house represent aspects of their identity and personality. The objective is for the user simply to explore the house, and observe the symbolism of the different objects. There is also a small puzzle in the game that can be solved to help the anonymous person, but it isn't necessarily the goal of the game (if you can call it a game at all). I'm thinking of making a larger scale version with more of a storyline and a larger house with more puzzles so any feedback at all would be pretty sweet so i can make improvements etc. Thanks! Joe :)

Accreditation: -All graphics and programming were done by myself
-Music is 'Digging Montage' by James Horner (from the movie the Chumscrubber (worth checking out))

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A clever game with a lot of meaning. Lets see if I can guess what each one symbolises.

The bin: A place to put old ideas, memories (the piano music sheets maybe) and concepts (The note on picking someone up) that don't mean anything to us anymore.
The garage: A store house for our general memories, hence the boxes with memories on them. Thoughts and the like always seem out of reach as we set ourselves lofty goals that we always keep in mind.
The locked chest: Secrets that we keep to ourselves that we don't share.
The crack in the wall: People try to steal a look at our memories (by asking others) instead of asking directly.
The basement: where we keep all our dark, base and low thoughts.
The clothes: Virtues that make people admire us, like a set of smart clothes.
The dresser: where we put the photos of family and friends who mean a lot to us. (The dresser being empty means this person has no friends or family).
The bookshelf: A place to put our personal achievements (it being empty must me this person doesn't have anything note worthy happen).
The flower: A persons outlook on life in general. With a positive outlook it blooms and a negative one (like depression) can cause it to die.
The radio: Songs that remind us of friends past or maybe family no longer among us. Or songs that mean something to us and inspired us.
The computer: Rather easy, a person asking to be a friend and our choice to accept or deny.
The carpet and sofa: Warm and inviting like a persons personality.
The shooting star: Hope that keeps all of us warm in our darkest and coldest moments.
The lake and the field: The lake is depression, isolation and the field is happiness and freedom to do what ever.

So how did I do? I think you should expand on this but include puzzles that pretty much pertain to life like the one in this short game. This can be a really intelligent game if done correctly.

Loved it

The entire thing was interesting and I loved the overall feel of it, you really should make this on a larger scale :o


Call me stuped, but all i can do is make the flower glow, then i have no idea on what to do next, cause the flower dies. This Is frustrating, and i like it, not meny games do. ;P Though... im not sure if i can conpleat this one. xD Ahh, shame on me. OH! Btw, 10 And a Five. I look forward to the newer one so it can kick my ass aswell. ;D

b0at responds:

hahaha yeh probably a bit my fault, mite have made the puzzle a bit too ambiguous. if u read this, click the flower - top shelf of the bookshelf - the computer - then go outside and click the shooting star. thanks!


Very symbolic, I like how it represents life. nice touch with the memories and thoughts being out of reach.

b0at responds:

thanks!! :D

I don't get it.

Okay it's all symbolic and yada yada...

But this appears to be a rather large world with many pages... and all you do is three things then walk outside and click the start?

That's it?

I think you spent far too much time to make a game i spent 30 seconds beating.

b0at responds:

not sure if u read my comments, but what i was going for with this game was more of the mood and exploration rather than the puzzle (the puzzle was actually an afterthought). i get its a lil cheezy but unfortunately thats the type of think my tutor likes, and i wanted a decent mark at the same time as making something id enjoy making. I'm actually quite pleased that u solved it so quickly as when the people in my class gave it a go none of them got it at all lol. thanks for the review, as i said all feedback's important, especially now as im just starting out. when i start my next version i'll definately include a much larger scope

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3.49 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2010
2:14 PM EDT