Zombies - Surrounded

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Your name is Lance Greenly, and you are lucky to still be alive. You wrecked your car somewhere in the outskirts of town, and luckily, a survivor has come to your rescue. You're stranded in an abandoned house. There is no explanation of what is happening. The only thing that is clear - It's not normal. Will you be able to survive through the night?
The right click menu in the game allows you to set brightness, and quality buttons can be found in the menu. Medium or low quality is recommended. Using high quality almost guarantees poor game performance.
Please play the first game, "Zombies - The Beginning" if you haven't already!
*To view the un-official walkthrough, visit my userpage!*
Thanks to Arcadebomb for sponsoring!
Please vote, review, and *****recommend to the Zombies Collection!*****
Dim the lights and enjoy the game! Also, Happy Halloween!
Edit: Thank you so much for the daily first! I can't believe I won!
Guys, I'm glad most of you like it... but I can't make this game itself longer.
I promise my games in the future will be longer though!!!
Also, this was all done with a mouse! Not a tablet!


What they said.

The game was creative overall because you had a point & click mixed with a shooter and quick time event. The only problems I had was with the sniper part because why does it keep going if it only takes one zombie to lose? Couldn't you have just put the retry screen as soon as one zombie runs offscreen past the reticule to help save the player some time? I kinda got frustrated with having to wait and retry because I didn't know you could shoot them anywhere to stop them. Maybe in another creation, you could have the undead require 2 body shots with a leg shot making them have to crawl; the cutscene when he blew the zombie's head off was cool though even though it implied that every zombie had to be killed that way. Finding the ax handle was also kind of annoying with all the buckets and jars sitting everywhere. It was clever to put it the puzzle pieces where you put them, but again, the ax handle made me want to quit early as well as why others gave reason to quit. I liked the concept, but overall you kinda just left the player at a cliffhanger where a quick-time event could have taken place but I can understand why you stopped it the way you did, seeing that the puzzles were a little challenging. Good work though.

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MichaelJ responds:

I did plan a press space event and might implement that into a sequel (in the beginning of the game) if I do end up making one, that is.

Great work so far

Kinda short, but you definitely left me hungry for more. The atmosphere was VERY spooky


i like the animations especially. took me a while to figure out what to do tho. i refused to look at the guide lol. keep it up

Wow Great game

I really enjoyed this game and i dont know why people are being so critical of this because i loved the game :) Is there going to be another one?
Btw great Artwork and voice acting.

Good Job

I really enjoyed this game. The animation was very well done. The score was well chosen to set the mood. And the mechanics made for a smooth point and click game. Even a bit of "twitch" thrown in for good measure.
The abruptness of the ending caught me a little off guard. I'm just hoping that it was done that way to make way for a series.
All in all I say Bravo! Keep up the good work.

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4.01 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2010
10:40 AM EDT
Adventure - Other