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Zombies - Surrounded

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Author Comments

Your name is Lance Greenly, and you are lucky to still be alive. You wrecked your car somewhere in the outskirts of town, and luckily, a survivor has come to your rescue. You're stranded in an abandoned house. There is no explanation of what is happening. The only thing that is clear - It's not normal. Will you be able to survive through the night?
The right click menu in the game allows you to set brightness, and quality buttons can be found in the menu. Medium or low quality is recommended. Using high quality almost guarantees poor game performance.
Please play the first game, "Zombies - The Beginning" if you haven't already!
*To view the un-official walkthrough, visit my userpage!*
Thanks to Arcadebomb for sponsoring!
Please vote, review, and *****recommend to the Zombies Collection!*****
Dim the lights and enjoy the game! Also, Happy Halloween!
Edit: Thank you so much for the daily first! I can't believe I won!
Guys, I'm glad most of you like it... but I can't make this game itself longer.
I promise my games in the future will be longer though!!!
Also, this was all done with a mouse! Not a tablet!



I loved this haha been waiting for this but I hope the guy MISSED WHEN HE SHOT AT THE MAIN CHARACTER! It's just getting good!!!


i thought it was funny at the end, after all that. you still die lol.

MichaelJ responds:

Nobody said he died.

Spooky sir. Quite.

:P I actually came to a good reasoning while I played this.
"Alright. Take hand off of the space bar. Somethings either going to attack me, or it's not. Whoopie. Chill and play all day!"

Which is why I'd like to suggest that you put a delay timer into some of those time event areas next time. ;) I was pretty much waiting for that kid to jump out of the bed with a thirst 4 mah brainz until I realized that you weren't using one to trigger the time events.

I was also ready to give him a fistful, but that's beside the point. xD
For the very nicely done spookyness, you get a ten.
By the way, good choice with the bones in the garbage area.
That was a very nice touch...
But I have one question... dude, why would you have him break the glass window rather than going for the door? I mean, he has an axe... and isn't the window usually just... a bit louder? xO
I mean, unless you peel the glass away shard by shard...

That aside, now that my ridiculing is over with, :P nice job.

MichaelJ responds:

You have to think about that more carefully. He doesn't know if the door goes to another room, or outside. It might be blocked by something (a fallen tree outside perhaps) and he wouldn't want to break down the door and make all that noise because then the zombies would probably find him and either come through the door, through the hole in the floor, or the window themselves.
The window was the only clear way out.

Creepy, spooky

great acting, animation and graphics! the music and ambience is amazing. :D


The mood was good but it seemed like there wasn't enough continuity in it. For example the house looked a little bigger on the outside but thats easy to forgive. What wasn't easy to forgive was how quickly Anna went from bite victim to zed head, but the guy who wrote the journal obviously didn't turn nearly as quick.

Also, I had to do the shooting bit one extra time cause it didn't register a hit at center mass on one of the zombies coming in on the right.

Other than that though it was good if only a tad short.

MichaelJ responds:

First of all, the man in the journal wasn't bitten. (If I ever make a prologue I'll explain more)
And with the shooting part, the trick is to take your time on each shot. If you are just slinging the mouse around, you aren't going to hit all of them. (The gun is harder to use and more realistic than guns in other games)

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Credits & Info

4.01 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2010
10:40 AM EDT
Adventure - Other