Sound of Blood

October 29, 2010 –
March 22, 2018
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The hockey masked killer runs into opponents from very different worlds, and eventually comes face to face with the devil himself.


someday count chocula......chainsaw launcher?!......+ i was always wandering what was under leatherfaces face

'-Wait, you talk?
-When you hit me in the face i fucking talk.

um i want chainsaw massacre not micheal myers oh

This isn't over

P/S: Fuck you!

lol epic fight. Bad ass part at the end. I also love the part at the end
"This isn't over. PS: F*ck you" . Priceless XD

Lol i like the part were he was dodging chainsaws while reading a magazine XD

Dude check if hes okay
hes fine dont worry
no i mean really he doesnt look fine..
HE IS FIII-(stomps on wolfves head and head breaks) NNEEE
(Jason covers body parts left over)


P.S. i liked that part also when he was reading a magazine while dodging shooting chainsaws

Everything was perfect, i give you a ten out of ten, but you could have made the background more realistic and slightly less cartoon-ish. The characters were perfect. The voice-acting was perfect. The jokes were hilarious. The animation was fluid.

This is'nt over
P.S. : Fuck You

its a beautifully gory thing

dude! the author who wrote this is a genius. can i do a followup video i agree with doodleninja, DeelTei, Schneehenry, and superdudeiscool. Mefa

shooting chainsaw!!!

hell myers is screaming without his head xD

No one can beat him ^^

if i could vote more than ten i would vote 1000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000

i was not expecting it to be funny , drawing ( or art ? sorry i dunno how to translate x) ) seemed to me like a oldie game .

michael's myers testicles

I laughed extremely loud..Is that bad?

it is

When did Satan learn Omni Slash?

very badass just like u said


Saber wol- SABER WOLF!!!

Saber- SABER WOLF!!!



P.S. Fuck You.

fucking awsome!!...and duuude....Jason killed SATAN!! WUUUHUUU!!!

YOU HAVE NOT DISAPPOINTED. JUST SO AWSOME.but i would have though freddy would have been in there. oh and a evil santa

i really like this, the humor, the action, the gore all Bloody Perfect.
5/5 10/10

Epic battle.
This was pretty cool, man.

P.S. Fuck you . haha. Can't tell you how many times I've ended a letter that way.

Thanks for using my music in a great flash.

i can't believe that jason managed to alive after being beat up by satan

Its most funny when he sees devil myers and goes "holy shit" the when he throws fireballs at him "HOLY SHIT"

Why killing such cute animals like Sabrewulf?!! Replace Sabrewulf by something else, like, I dunno, Eyedol? But REMOVE SABREWULF'S DEATH OUT OF YOUR FLASH AND I'LL GIVE IT A 10/10 AND A 5/5. Otherwise, I will tell everybody that you are cruel against animals!!!

OUTSTANDING i read below and agree Pinhead would be a great addition to the mix a sequel is definitely called for but take your time and do it up real good like this joint right here lots of horror movie people to use.

Fuck halloween its all about oct 13 Bitch which is the same day i was born friday the 13

WHERE THE FUCK IS FREDDY,chucky,scream, and Pinhead asshole honestly NO PINHEAD SHIT STILL pretty good


that thing cut his nuts off ... the shane saw that must have ben a painul death XD

pretty cool.

i love this the part he step on the whatever the dog thing on his face

and the FINISH HIM!!!

Leather Face : you should check on him i mean he look like he's not breathing
Jason : I said HE'S FINE *steps on saber wolf's head


terreble just not good not bieng mean but i think you should try a little harder :) okay

Didn't expect Saber Wolf, or a Devil Myers, But that was a pretty good. 10/10

LOL OMG, that part was actually pretty damn funny! I really liked this video, especially the fight scene (:

That's the point no? Anywho, I think you give a little too much credit to Jason Voorhees, I mean he isn't that agile and lacks intelligence to muster words, but you made him your own as it seems you idolize him. To be perfectly honest the guy who who mentioned Chucky, I agree, he should of been in it, and Freddie. As for Chucky, he is a sly little bastard, and probably woulda stood a chance, but due to your imaginary limitations of him I can see why you didn't drop him in. Besides my critique and how I'd see things, this was a rather epic depiction of some legendary horror "heroes" battling it out. Besides the notciable tweens if you're really into the action it can be forgiven as it's only a minor detail towards the greater of it's entirety. Gave me a giggle and entertained me. Therfore 10 it is.

so epic, at first i taught it wasnt too good but i changed my mind when the battle began
one scary (in my choice) was missing: barney the dinosaur (lol XD) would be fun to actually see him KILL jason at the end randomly (hug of doom???)


Awesome action sequences with just the right amount of humor. Love it man

the part where micheal turned into the devil was tight, i wanna see something like that in a movie

loved watching it, and the voices made it better

what about chukey?

the animation was great, the story was okay, but personally I didn't like the voice acting at all - I think it would have been better with out any talking.

Other than that it was pretty good, although I'm not quite sure why you love Jason so much.

it was funnny and the fighting was cool

The graphics on the people were very good, But you should have thought more about the background. Also the audio wasn't all that good. The slowmotion parts were awsome though.

I don't know what to say :D Very very very good !!!!!!! I love it ;D

SABREWOLF!!! jajajajaj awesome flash! 10/10 :AWE:

i like this flash, jason is my man... i do admit the audio could use a tad cleanin up but it's really no biggie...

Funny and great animation. Looking forward to more of your work and I am glad you didnt bring in Freddy since Hollywood killed it a bit.

all I see that needs imporvement is the sound editing could use some tweeking some of the songs seem to just stop rather awkwardly. and if you work on that and smooth up the animation a bit. you're golden.

even though the detail wasnt that great it was still awesome some epic fighting jason made me laugh at some points there should be a second one :D

hes always been my fave. he owned freddie in freddie vs jason. i expect great thing from you

it has jason as the winner but u forgot freddy add him in a new one pls i would love that

this was soo epic, haha, and very funny. it was a slasher face off lol, loved the animation and voice acting, awesome work and hope to see some more of it.

Newcomer: Chuck Norris

Thank you for restoring my faith in good animations. This made me laugh until my balls hurt. I can't wait to see more from you and I know this will definitely make the front page. Keep it up!

jason shall own everyone he fights!!!!!!!!!! EVERYONE!!!!!!!!

I loved the animation, and it was an honor to be a part of it, I really enjoyed it xD
I'd love to see more from you :D

í'm glad jason survived,
cause he's AWESOME and this animation is EPIC
Really impressive dude :D!

I agree with Darkness1114 and keep up the good work! ^-^

Good work. Could work a little more with details, like when the devilguy was floating the air, his feet look like they were on the ground. While this is excusable, some of the more technical users might rage at you for it. just saying 5/5 10/10


This movie will be featured on the hompage definatly :) I have confidence in this video to make it :)

actually a really good flash to watch on Halloween


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