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magic defense

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Author Comments

Mouse click and Hold -- attack

Space- Special attack( when bar is full)

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Woot wave 33

This game kept me playing for hours. Really nice concept. I would suggest that the "boss" enemies gave you much more money, because even with the money upgrade at it's max, it is very little what they give you.

Also, i noticed a glitch/cheat: When you open and close the upgrade pop up, your health and magic restores slowly, even when the wave is finished.

Simple and clean!

Nothing like a good ole Magic themed "shoot 'em up" to calm the nervous.

It would be cooler if there was some action or mystic themed music in it. Better to not have music, than to have music you can't turn off, tho.

Why is it rated "Adult"?

great game

though, I am also confused why it is rated for adults only. Seems like a basic 2D defender game to me.


this game is brilliant well made and fun the upgrades are good the game in general is absolutely fantastic i hope you make a sequel

Another generic but good game but...

There is just one thing I don't get. Why is this rated Adults Only? Sounds like a perfectly ok game to me.