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Hot Spot

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my 2nd EVER flash game!!! in the game, you must stay in the Green Zone (Hot Spot) for as long as you can, earning points along the way, while trying to avoid the red monsters!!

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1934955 points, there may be a little colition problem with the red balls xD, but over all it is a gr8 consept keep it up.

Needs some things

The red faces should be squares or collision detection needs to be fixed. I would also love to see a mute button as well.

Hit Box

It's got good potential, but I did find some flaws:

When moving around, I found that I often lost some life when I wasn't touching the red balls. This was quite frustating =P
Also, often the red balls would group together, making the game far more easier.

conclusion: Nice Concept, but needs a bit of work



but ther should be a score submit .

Make a point

first, take away the annoying music and add something orginal or from newgrounds audio portal...second...add a time limit that you can get score, or add a progression of red circles after a certain time. something to give this game more point...