Tomb Labyrinth

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This was one of the first games I designed and programmed when I launched the web games website in 2008 where I used to work. The game had a Halloween feel so I am re-releasing it here in newgrounds, now translated in english (since it was originally done in spanish). I liked this game because not only is a classic maze game, but it is all in the DARK!

Imagine your self locked in a labyrinth with a torch, and all you can see is a small diameter where the torch allows you, imagine finding treasures and then out of nowhere a mummy pops out of nowhere in the dark... you start running but where? Then you find a key, you get it... and the places starts to crumble!! Now What? You need to find the exit! ... That is how the game is.

You collect treasures for points... but if you find the key and get out in time you will probably get more points from the bonus points because you were quick and didn't lose time looking for treasures... or better yet you can be balanced and find all the treasures and yet escape in a reasonable time. The game has a little of strategy, besides teh fact that there is secret rooms too.

The game has around 10 mazes.. and they get more complicated as you progress... I always wanted to make a sequel or keep making mazes but never did.. but who knows I probably will!!! Let's see how it goes.

Hope you like it.


I would've enjoyed an update with maybe a maze generator. I do enjoy the mummie creature who came and scared the c*** out of me. I play maze with a certain style that is based on rhythm. During this rhythm and finding a Key/treasure chest I was sure to be onto the exit. Stepped into a zombie before that and died =( finished though almost 5seconds later lol


Just not feeling this game i wish there was more to do

Good Game

I was playing this game and my mum watched me play it for the last minute or so until it said "Game Over". My mum said, "well, I unserstand that your not supposed to be able to see the mummies, but, the more treasure you find should make the torch light bigger."

I think she is completly right, after every peice of treasure you find the light cirlce should get bigger becuase you don't even have to get the treasure, alot of people who play games don'r care about score so this would be another good incentive to bother going right around the maze getting the treasure.

RetroRex responds:

Wow, that is actaully a good idea... I wil ltry to code that into the game later tonight to see how it goes... it is a great idea. Thank you.

Kind of fun

It's probably because I like the music you used in the game. Nice job

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3.24 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2010
12:42 PM EDT
Adventure - Other