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A new turn-based arena RPG inspired to an unpublished novel-book and board-RPG.
Full custom gladiator characters. Post-apocalyptic armors and weapons. Spy your enemies and hire gladiator allies. Supernatural abilities: 3 different Paths, 18 Spheres, 90 special Powers! Voiceovers/spoken videos and dialogues.
3 arenas, 60 battles, against more than 100 different gladiator opponents for more than 10 hours gameplay!!
...The first single-player chapter of the oncoming multiplayer saga: sign up for free on apokalyx.com to become betatester!

Should you have already played Apokalyx on other websites before today..
The version 1.0.4 is the newest and it has solved:
- preloader white screen
- mutant video black screen
- attacking gladiators stuck in front of the target opponent
- quick armor wearing in Trader shop
- tavern bug after enemy card revealed
- character generation stats bugs (ref: intelligence and mutants 15to14)
- other minor bugs
The bug of special power freeze is very hard to solve. We optimized few related lines of code.
With Flash player version 10.1 installed the bug is fixed on many betatesters computers, but unfortunately not on all of them... sorry for that :(

All you need is the mouse. Point and click
Tutorial and instructions are in the game.
Full detailed interactive gameguide available online form a direct link on main menu.
Other controls:
- "M" to mute audio
- Click the mouse to skip dialogues (in Tutorial press "T" to skip all tutorial)
- "ESC" to retreat from a battle (useful when you find a rare stall situation)


Hapee faec

Well I really like this game :D
I think people who thinks this game sucks only don't know how to play it correctly


It froze when I was starting and I only killed like 3 people then I pushed power button and it froze you shouldn't have even made this game all you want is money.

Fun, but...

Not good. My character missed three turns in a row with an 85% hit rate, so I died. All the battles before that were way too easy.
Also, since you can't go back to easier battles, it's extremely easy to get stuck and not be able to level up.

Definitely needs a lot of work, but I had fun with it for a while.

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Game is so unbalanced

I beat almost every enemy without taking a scratch. Sometimes there came a iron skin restore enemies who couldn't lose any of my health, but restored his own health when reaching close to zero. There should be a cooldown on that skill.

I learned the persistance skill from the leadership section, which as a skill was way overpowered. With that enemies took triple damage and attacked with half power. It would be a good balanced skill, but for it effects on every enemy makes it way too overpowered skill.

Play time is way too much, it isn't funny anymore to play it.

You can't go to previous battles which can lead as a result getting stuck.

The opening was epic, I'll give you that. I played the whole game just to see the ending, but then it gives you a link to youtube video and the ending itself also was so lame. Ending should always be "it was worth it". Now it was "smeh..".

Overall the game was ok, and I believe that the sequel would be a huge success. For a rating to this game I would give 89/100, which is pretty good. Apokalyx is a good flash game, but not a good time spent with it.

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Seriously...needs work

Your visuals are great, menus are good. Game play and character system I think are less than ideal. Your myriad of menus is at first confusing but after a while it starts to work out.

The real kicker for me is that once I got elemental abilities I couldn't use them. The game would hang each and every time I tried to use them in battle. I would have definitely given higher rating if I didn't have this problem repeatedly.

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Xplored responds:

we got many message saying that everything works properly with flash player 10.1.
Please try it and let us know with a PM if you still face that bug.

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3.89 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2010
6:50 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG