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A new turn-based arena RPG inspired to an unpublished novel-book and board-RPG.
Full custom gladiator characters. Post-apocalyptic armors and weapons. Spy your enemies and hire gladiator allies. Supernatural abilities: 3 different Paths, 18 Spheres, 90 special Powers! Voiceovers/spoken videos and dialogues.
3 arenas, 60 battles, against more than 100 different gladiator opponents for more than 10 hours gameplay!!
...The first single-player chapter of the oncoming multiplayer saga: sign up for free on apokalyx.com to become betatester!

Should you have already played Apokalyx on other websites before today..
The version 1.0.4 is the newest and it has solved:
- preloader white screen
- mutant video black screen
- attacking gladiators stuck in front of the target opponent
- quick armor wearing in Trader shop
- tavern bug after enemy card revealed
- character generation stats bugs (ref: intelligence and mutants 15to14)
- other minor bugs
The bug of special power freeze is very hard to solve. We optimized few related lines of code.
With Flash player version 10.1 installed the bug is fixed on many betatesters computers, but unfortunately not on all of them... sorry for that :(

All you need is the mouse. Point and click
Tutorial and instructions are in the game.
Full detailed interactive gameguide available online form a direct link on main menu.
Other controls:
- "M" to mute audio
- Click the mouse to skip dialogues (in Tutorial press "T" to skip all tutorial)
- "ESC" to retreat from a battle (useful when you find a rare stall situation)


crash :(

it was being great until I decided to use a special power, and the game just froze :\ (not the browser, only the flash)

besides that it was awesome, great job

Xplored responds:

We know about this possible event of special power freeze on some computer.
Should you not have the very latest Flash Player version, please update it from Adobe and try again. Many Betatesters saw their problem solved this way.

Great :D

Fun game. Really really really good overall as well.

Xplored responds:

Great! Thanks!

Very good!

I Like it alot...Yeah...

Xplored responds:

Many thanks!


High polished fighting game, perfect usage of sounds and music, the voice over is just fantastic.
Good use and merge of 3D graphic, in other games is easy to see crappy pixels around, but this is one works very good.
The gmae mechanics are very similar to the famous Sonny, though thay have been enanched and many other features have been added.
Enjoyed the game play, it only takes little bit to figure out where all the buttons are and how they work, the voice over also helps with it.

Xplored responds:

Thank you for the enthusiastic professional feedback!


some of this game was really good like the graphics, but some of it was really cheesy like the voice acting and dialog. But I think the biggest flaw with the game is really the combat system, it feels really lackluster and buggy. My character suffered one hit all the way to level 8 and that is way too easy.

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Xplored responds:

This shows the human intelligence is stronger than AI :D
Apokalyx rules are thought for human multiplayer battles.
You'll really prove yourself in the next multiplayer version!

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3.89 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2010
6:50 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG