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Create and share zombie abominations featuring you and your friends! Zombie pics are saved to an online gallery for easy sharing.

note: I've used mochi version control so there'll be tweaks and updates every week

If the version you're seeing isn't 0.06 (check lower left corner) then you need to clear your cache :)

UPDATE V 0.06 - Now when you scale and rotate the photo, the clips you've dragged onto the pic
scale and rotate too. This means you can zoom in to add detail and then
zoom back out when you're done.

UPDATE: V 0.05 - I've added controls to change brightness, contrast, hue and saturation.

This is a bit of a pet project and I don't have unlimited time to work on it so if anyone wants to help me with PNGs that would be much appreciated! :) Just PM me if you're interested.

Fingers crossed my server survives and my craptastic PHP does its job!

check zombiecreator.com to see the gallery of strange zombies.


Needs more...

Cowbell. erm, I mean pieces.

It could use more pieces as well as more categories.

Maybe a nose and ear category. Maybe like film grain and sepia layers in a layer/tint category.

Pieces like gunshots would look badass also.

I see how you have said you have limited time to work on it, but no offense, you should have worked on it longer before you submitted it. That would have given it a better score, and the popularity this could gather.

Good luck on this project, it has great potential.

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thistler responds:

hey thanks :) Yeah, it does need a few more categories and more clips. I'll try to put up a few noses and rotting flesh/exposed brains type clips.

I'm going to be adding film grain and other effects soon as well as the ability to change hue/saturation.



Very nice, totaly different from what you normally see on New Grounds. Nice twist, keep up the good work. ~Kaila Cakes

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Oct 27, 2010
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