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Jinx Hetnai Parody 2

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Author Comments

32,000 views!!!! Bloody hell I'm TERRIBLE!! I never thought it could happen.

The title is miss spelled on purpose. Raven's possessed by a chaos sorcerer. First of all, I would like to apologize to all zone-sama fans, dragon ball fans, pokemon fans, zone-sama, black people, and to anyone that got offended lol. I hope the shittiness will distract you from the offensive shit in this video. I decided to use this title so I can get views lol I hope zone is not pissed, and I hope he'll forgive me. I got music from imogen heap, dark knight movie, carpenters, and I can't remember everything. I got the voices from Dawn of war 2, team fortress 2, fred rogers, and from youtube videos. I realized how bad this is a few days after it was done. I mean what was I thinking? Arby's? I made this because I thought it was offensive in a funny way and yeah. I made the characters look like this because I don't know how to draw descent looking arms and legs lol. zone's demented videos, twisted metal series, wh40k, and other games inspired me to make this. I think this will get lots of hate but it's ok because that's kinda what I'm here for lol. Thanks for watching and have a good halloween shit or other shit you might be celebrating.

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i am uncomfortable.

HAHA this is a really great collab of characters ! Nice chooses great halloween video loved the whole toon!

The Beiber at the end... I didn't think he could ever be that scary looking.

dafuq did I just watch that's fuck up

looks like an 8 year old made it...no wait AN 8 YEAR OLD WOULD HAVE DONE BETTER!!!