elmo the zombie

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this one took me a while, I was kinda afraid I wouldn't finish in time. anyways this elmo is my current favorite and if you're a fan (I know there's at least 3 of you) you may notice that its more back to its roots. People have been saying that elmos too much like htf. and yeah I agree what with the lack of actual dialogue. well I fixed that, sort of. there's only a lot of mumbling because there zombies! also I tried top make the animation slightly better. I am well aware that the animation still sucks though. so without further rambling,enjoy and happy Halloween.

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that fucking billy and mandy music at start is memories

Lol elmo and mathman

LoL begining reminds me of happy tree friends :p 4

I love the part that when Grover got infected by Elmo

Your favorite?

I just find it funny that a true fan of Elmo would show terrible things like that. This definitley reminded me of Happy Tree Friends. The most obvious part was when Elmo was skinned (halfway) he looked a lot like Flaky from HTF. The animation is probably the thing that needs to be improved on the most. At first, I really had little idea where this was heading. It wasn't until Elmo appeared that I understood his namesake role.

I was not expecting the guy who caused it to be run over by a car. Nor did I envision Elmo eating his own brain and seemingly dying from that. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen a zombie do anything like that! I think the gash he got on his face disappeared and reappeared. Not a masterpiece, but nice for Halloween.

mecagir responds:

thanks I'm glad you enjoyed it and while I am a fan of htf I'm not so much a fan of elmo. kinda why I made the series