The Maze - The RPG

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Did I really make this?

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I thought it was fun with a nice concept nice-(ish) art and has quite smooth animation

I do admire the smooth animation, the tight camera movement, the realistic sound effects, and the absence of distracting background music. Now, with a full storyline, challenging gameplay, and maybe some subtle music here and there, this would be an excellent game. I can actually see this as the opening sequence for the game.

The games isn't about the actual game play. It's simply a story. The title, gives away what the story is about. It's a maze, a maze of him life. The maze is empty, and dark. Grey isn't a happy color. Also notice that it's just him, hinting that his life is very dark and isolated. Then, when you begin walking around, you find a nice bright chest. You're like "Okay this is a key or something." Getting your hopes up and such for an adventure, a story line or something. But all you find are these shitty facts about this guy. Then you walk around hoping the next chest is different, but it's another fact. It sucks, and you see the last chest and you think, "Okay c'mon, this one HAS to be different." But it's the same. as all the others. Then some crazy wizard guy pops up and I think that signals that the character is loosing his mind. Then everything blows up, game over? Yes. He spent his time walking through a dark maze, finding out things that are bad. Then he dies. Game (Life Over). I liked the game, and the message was very clear to me.

umm guys, its supposed to have a message, and he employs the Role Playing Game Element. You play the role of this dude who goes around looking for treasure only to find out horrible shit about his life...which might be a representation of some online rpg players in real life, they go around in a game, finding useless crap that gives them a feeling of self achievement because they seem to fail in an aspect or entirely in life (hence all the terrible shit that come from the chests), but they dont get anything that is actually helpfull for them in their lives. Then it goes to the point where they realize all these things, that they have been wasting time on said games and not done anything "good" outside of the game that they die either without any true accomplishment whatsoever or after their realization they go and do something that is actually worth it. Again its for personal interpretation. Ill give it 3.5 cause it isnt as big as I expected, honestly I thouthg It was quite short. If it where longer, you had an actual upgrade system with skills that where no good for anything and did nothing (to represent the lack of acomplishment in real life and to keep true to rpgs) and that you did a load of quests just to find said chests then maybe, maybe, it could have been better. But hey thats just my opinion

complet waste

i was not expecting this to be so boring and useless.
maybe try making it a actual maze or give it a story or maybe just plain remove it

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3.35 / 5.00

Oct 26, 2010
2:44 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG