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Panjo the Tiger

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This is my very first proper animation. It was done for a freshman university project this year. Part of our final mark comprises out of our Newgrounds score... So be nice!

Millions of thankyous to my girlfriend, Hanneke, who came up with the concept! Without you my story would've been very lame.

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Awesome !

I really liked it ! No violence and a very good story. It made me cry 8P

getack responds:

Thanks /b/ro! Sorry for making you cry tho...

Very good

Very nicely done! Enjoyed the Lion King vibe. As a second year Multimedia student myself I know how hard this project was. It is actually kind of funny as well. I like the chicken :D The reason I subtracted one star is because of the crazy file size. Normally that would have made that I didn't want to watch your animation since it uses up more cap than it should, so you can thank your good reviews, since they made me watch it. If audio is the thing that made your file so big, take a look at soundbooth. It provides a lot of ways of saving your file in good quality but low size. But aside from that, good sound effects, good song, good animation, good storyline. In fact this is the best one I have seen from the first years so far :)

P.S maybe just add a replay button at the end

getack responds:

Thank you for the good response! I agree with the file size... It is the sound's fault. The problem is that all the sound was done on D-Day, so very little time to play around with good compression. But I will definitely focus on getting the sound file size way down next time.

Loved it!

Your story was great, your sound was exquisite and the animation was pretty close to flawless!

the music really did it for me, was it self composed???

getack responds:

Thanks bro!

Yep I composed it myself...MONDAY MORNING!!! Friggen crazy I tell you!

excellent effort in my opinion

Not bad for a first try. no, that's way too light. excellent audio engineering. as for the drawings and animations, it's not exactly what would garner a 9 or 10, but it did go well with the story.

well, i'm an audio person so i don't give much thought to drawings, really. XD

damn! the song's stuck in my mind already! hahaha! nice work man. keep it up.

getack responds:

Thanks! I'm actually surprised the song is catchy! I'm also satisfied regarding all I have is a ridiculously cheap accoustic, a bedroom, headphones and a usb studio mic.

The sound is the main culprit for the bloated file size. I spent a lot of energy in getting good sound, so I didn't want to sacrifice all my hard work for small size. But I will be playing around with compression in the future until I find the butter zone!

I liked it!

I quite liked this, I thought the concept was good and it is pretty well drawn. For a first time this is very good, especially if you take a look at some of our other classmate's submissions.

The entire song at the end feels like kind of a waste. Seeing as you composed the song yourself, and performed it, I get that you would want to "let it be heard", but I just feel like you could have used it as an intro (like you did) and maybe as background music rather.

That is just my opinion of course. Well done on the music, I really enjoyed it...it's in my head as I write this review :)

I know how long this takes, and seeing as we have very little Flash experience, I gave you a 4. Good luck with the exams

getack responds:

Thanks for the comment!

I agree with you on the song. I actually wrote and recorded it this morning - that's why it's so monotonous and it actually sounds like an afterthought.

But at this stage I am MORE than happy with 3.14/5.

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4.14 / 5.00

Oct 25, 2010
7:10 AM EDT