An Unfortunate Girl:ONE

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This is an introduction to the story of Karissa Ventourner, a young girl who has suffered the death of her parents and is left alone in a town where nothing seems to go right.

(WARNING: This may run pretty slow if you have a...well....SLOW computer)


Absolutely amazing

You have stunned me with your storytelling, musicand animation. I demand more!

I am still waiting on the full episode of Karissa sleeps.

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cant wait for 2

this is gonna be the creepiest halloween first im gonna watch part 2 then take a trip outside

Beautifully atmospheric, nicely done.

The art direction could have been better, but I have to say, the animation (save for the mock sword fight) set a clear and distinctive atmosphere alongside the well-matched music. Good stuff. Here's to the next episode.

Well constructed

Great editing, good animation and decent voice-work. Intriguingly deep compared to most flash animation.

Excellent, original cartoon

I checked this out after watching the short 'Karissa Sleeps' and really like it. Perfect for the run-up to Hallowe'en! It's got great animation, an original idea and plenty of weird, creepy atmosphere. (Plus I made sure to draw the curtains and 'dim the lights' on my screen for maximum effect).

Some constructive criticisms:

- I thought it was a tad contradictory when Karissa talks about the worms as being her friends right after she's said that she only needs one friend. I know that she probably meant one human friend, but with those two bits of exposition next to each other, they seemed to contradict themselves. Maybe you could stick to using the word 'companion' or 'ally' to refer to Shawn and 'friends' to refer to the worms. Or something.

- The sentence, "And I think I must make it perfectly clear that the whole town knows it", seems a bit out-of-place now that it's not in its original context (the piece of extra narration you included at the end). It sounds like it's about to go somewhere and then doesn't; there ought to be something more to justify her saying that. It's not so surprising or scandalous for the whole town to know Karissa is an orphan; what's shocking (to them) is the rumour that she killed her own parents.

- On the topic of the extra narration at the end, there's a lot that's confusing and slightly contradictory, but I won't critique it since it's not technically part of the video. But I think if you want to include the information, you should find a way to work it in to a proper episode rather than presenting it in this form.

Anyway, I still rate this very highly indeed, and that end part was utterly terrifying! Great job. Off to watch the next episode now :)

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