An Unfortunate Girl:ONE

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This is an introduction to the story of Karissa Ventourner, a young girl who has suffered the death of her parents and is left alone in a town where nothing seems to go right.

(WARNING: This may run pretty slow if you have a...well....SLOW computer)


my thoughts

I found it funny that that easter egg in your flash was taken out because it sounded too sappy. The narration in your entire flash was extremely cheesy and as soon as I heard it i gave a big sigh. I do, however, like the animation and the art style, though it was a little too Japanese for my tastes.

That entry in her diary, the one with the word "nefarious", just seemed way off. I don't know what it is but the sentence sounds awful the way it's arranged. I also have to say that I was extremely put off by the quirky, kind of jokey, things like the sword fight. You really set the tone for this flash at the beginning as dark and mysterious but you constantly contradict it throughout.

The music was excellent for this flash, it was weird, mysterious and it really made me get a feel for the character's personality.

At the end I was quite surprised by the voice of the creepy doctor. I was like, hey is that max (HotDiggedyDemon)? Then I saw the credits and found out I was right. I assume that was you narrating the whole time and I have to say, you have a lovely voice. So as far as the voice acting aspect goes, you both did an excellent job.

Overall, the flash is polished, well done and a good watch. I have some minor complaints and annoyances but nothing that really brought the flash as a whole down. I look forward to the following episode and hope you take my review as the constructive critique I hope it comes off as. Congratulations on getting a top place in the Halloween contest by the way.

I love...

The story.

The voice acting.

The style of drawing.

Awsome story

I'm a sucker for a good story. Nice job

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The suspense... it kills me.

Agree with the whole "putting a back button on the easter egg." And yes. A sequel would bee VERY VERY VERY nice!


that was just amazing and you should definietly make moar

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