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Hi there, this is my first submission.

This is another take on the flash game Doodle God (you can play it on this very site, just type "doodle god" in the search bar above !). Basically, I liked that game so much that I wanted to give the genre a try.

You, an aspiring god, are granted the powers of fire, water, air and earth. It is your duty to combine them together to create everything else !


While perfectly playable, this is a game in progress. As of version 1.4, there is a little under 100 things to create - I might add more soon !

- it is sometimes necessary to mix together two of the same thing. Be creative !
-if your screen starts getting cluttered, control-click on an element to delete it !

EDIT : well the ad doesn't work, though I doubt it affects the gameplay. Please ignore it for now !

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Best game ever!!!

I found 83/95, and I'm stuck. This was a fun game to play, and it was interesting to experiment with and combine different elements. After a while, it was a bit confusing and almost annoying because I couldn't find anything new. Not bad overall.

I've managed to get 80 elements out of 95 and couldn't figure out what I've missed. A hint system would be helpful. Stones and animations are a nice addition that makes this game stand from many other of this kind. Also, I find it really helpful that it was shown which elements can react with each other - someone might think of it as too easy, but I prefer this solution over blind guessing, definitely.

how do make fish? btw this game is frustrating

I really enjoyed how calming this game is, not quite like the Doodle God series, but it definitely has its perks. Also, the rocks were a nice touch, it made me feel like a soothsayer of sorts. But the game did lag, not so much that the game couldn't function, but enough to get a little frustrated. Though that only happened when there were X amount of stones on the board. And to conclude, there is a minor glitch. I obtained 94 stones but when I tried to combine the fish and swamp, it simply cancelled it out though one had the blue around it when the other was selected so I can't actually complete the game and I'd actually like to know what the stone is. I gave 4 stars because of that, otherwise keep up the good work.

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4.12 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2010
1:23 PM EDT
Strategy - Other