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Genesis !

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Hi there, this is my first submission.

This is another take on the flash game Doodle God (you can play it on this very site, just type "doodle god" in the search bar above !). Basically, I liked that game so much that I wanted to give the genre a try.

You, an aspiring god, are granted the powers of fire, water, air and earth. It is your duty to combine them together to create everything else !


While perfectly playable, this is a game in progress. As of version 1.4, there is a little under 100 things to create - I might add more soon !

- it is sometimes necessary to mix together two of the same thing. Be creative !
-if your screen starts getting cluttered, control-click on an element to delete it !

EDIT : well the ad doesn't work, though I doubt it affects the gameplay. Please ignore it for now !

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Awesome, but can you add an alternative way to delete a tile cuz with some computers, control clicking is the same as right clicking so then I can't delete the tiles which ends up generating tons of lag.

95/95!!! Yeay! Awsome game! I loved it! I had trouble to find the last one but finally I did. Of course it was a basic stuff what I forgot to try at the beginning....

Anyway I made a list of elements you can find on the link but make sure you only use it when you are really desperate.....Because it would ruin your game if you give up so easily and just check it!!!! (I didn't listed how you can make them, you have to figure it out on your own ;) )

(Cookie clicker is also awsome: http://orteil.dashnet.org/cookieclicker/)

Love it, i'm pretty confused with 50 elements knowing that i need 45 more, i'd like some hints but this, is nice.

Edit: 81 elements rn. Some elements are glitched.
Edit: YEAH! Finally! 95/95
I reseted the game by error at the start and forgot completely about some basic elements such as rainbow and, (the last element i made), clay.

I can`t find the last two things, but I'm pretty sure I'm just missing something, and it's not the game.

Orteil, the man, the myth, the legend. I have 10B CPS in Cookie Clicker :P

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4.25 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2010
1:23 PM EDT