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Maple Story: Auf Haven

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The newest in the line of the Maplestory Simulators, Auf Haven!
Click on the NPC to open the store. From there, click on Spawn boss to begin the fight!
Activate magic guard to not die right away! ;)
Be sure to look out for the bonus. :)

Default keys:

A - Haste (walk faster)
S - Hyper Body (increase health and mana)
D - Power Guard (hurt mob when hit)
F - Magic Guard (reduces health damage taken. takes mana away instead)
V - Heal (Heals HP)
B - Dispel (gets rid of mob attacks like puppet and stun)

Z - Savage Blow
X - Explosion
C - Boomerang Step

SPACE - Jump
Use barbarian elixir (heal hp) - INSERT
Use sorcerer elixir (heal mp) - DELETE
Flash Jump (Double jump) - SHIFT
Pause - P

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Well, if you haven't heard of Auf Haven, its a Neo Tokyo boss as if it drops a helmet called Auf Haven Circlet which is 1 all, 20 ATK. Eur Maplestory has Neo Tokyo as if its a pain grind for the quest items. Also, he is suppose to de buff BTW. And also his suppose to spawn other aufs which do Damage Reflect, i have completed Neo Tokyo but in GMS, it calls it AufHeben and its called Neo City

Good BUT

You should let us put our skills on keys we want, becuase some stuff isnt are good reach right away and I don't have a working insert button. So this is very hard to do.

Great game!

Awsome, next time you should make a new game witha hero. And Interpid Slash. That be astonishing.

You're back?

I though you were dead.
Also, this looks awesome.

ok first things first

the game is good.... all your games are good the only thing i dont like is MOST of the maplestory characters have to do something with theives[mostly bandits] i mean sure you have done a mage and a bowman but what about pirates evans arans and CYGNUS knights i mean you havent even done a warrior like a dark knight or something do you only know bandits? Anyway on the next game do a different class ok.

Credits & Info

4.45 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2010
10:10 AM EDT