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We (our emotions)

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Game about emotions. Hero became angry after first day. After that he start making other people angry. Next he feel happy. But city was in harmony and he destroy it. So first of all he deside to found harmony and restore it.

w,s - action (or up/down arrow)
a,d - move (or left/right arrow)
left click - make influence


Not bad

Its a neat game but its really kinda weird, I think achieving harmony should be something along the lines of "All emotions above 10%" that leaves a little room for error.

other then that I thought it was really monotonous.

changing their emotions had no effect but to change the aura they emitted, I was at least expecting some kinda ai change, something like.

Angry people chase fearful or hopeful people.

Hopeful people group together and spread hope in groups.

Fearful people try to stay home and avoid leaving their beds.

Happy people go about their business and stop every now and then to breath in the fresh air and feel happy.

I think just a simple AI difference woulda been enough to satisfy everyone. but its much better then what I can do thus far, so good job.

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@Albanez & Medusa

Your goal depends on what it says at the start of the day.

If it says something about full anger and happiness, then make everyone angry.

If it says something about harmony, make everyone's emotions equal. (impossible?)

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Where's the point...

Graphics, music, gameplay everything in perfect, but there's no objective in the game, I made every one become angry, happy, afraid and hoping...nothing happened...

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Hmm, on firefox the Day 1 appeared for me at the corner, and there was no start button. I retried it using Internet Explorer and it showed up.

On internet every day was pretty much the same, every character was red doing the same thing. But the music was really nice :).

Don't know if that's what it was supposed to be like. I like the idea.

Good work!

Quite a fun game, Keep up the work :3

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3.31 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2010
3:59 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other