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Temple Of Fate

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walkthrough is here: http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=SQHhx5fPCmc
ok Newground fans! this is my first flash game! and what you do is, its a point and click game so you interact with things by clicking on them and you have to get to the treasure chest at the end before you die a horrible death! Choose what you do, the fate is up to you.


Nice for your first...

As a game, it wasn't awesome. The graphics could have been better, which I know is just a thing you have to work at. But good pictures really help keep people's focus. ;) Also, it would have been more fun if it had been... a little more complex. If you're aiming for a puzzle games, you want intuitive puzzles, not guessing games. And in action games...well, point and click isn't really the mode.

Okay, I just re-read that and it sounded mean. :( I'm sorry. I'm trained to critique. And I hoped that this would help.

Keep making things and getting even better, okay? <3

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VonVoid responds:

It's ok, I enjoy getting feedback so I know what to improve!

Not bad...

for a start...

Well it's a start.

It's very easy to tell this is your first game, everything is very crude and such. Yet there was some effort I suppose, and that deserves something. Yet effort alone can't give you a good score. Keep on making stuff though.

Oh and try to stay away from "puzzles" that are just mindless trial and error.

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yyyeeeeaaahhh....? the idea is good but the graphics can be better the 8 is because of graphics.

pretty ok

i played it like 5 times for teh hell of it.
its okay for a first game.

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1.73 / 5.00

Oct 23, 2010
4:47 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle