Ghost Hacker

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Access Denied 5 Points

Kill 200 enemies.

Core collector 10 Points

Save 50 data cores.

Hack the system 50 Points

Complete level 25.

Sector unlocked 50 Points

Complete all 25 levels.

L33t Haxor 100 Points

Save all 250 data cores.

Author Comments

Explore cyberspace and battle rogue AIs in your mission to take back control of the internet. Place towers and add upgrades to programs. Use scripts to directly attack enemies and interact with the map. Gain new programs, upgrades, and scripts as you explore 25 unique levels.

Some general hints:
-If there's multiple entrances, place towers after the paths merge together.
-Usually the best place to put towers is in spots where they hit different parts of the path that are far away from each other. Hitting one long stretch of path can be worse then hitting two small far away sections of the path.
-Watch what enemies are listed for each level and plan your towers and upgrades based on that.
-Scripts only temporarily use memory. You never lose memory using them.
-Recycling towers gives you 100% of your memory back.

Version 1.1:
-Gave more starting memory to a few levels
-Removed extra Data Core capacity on Bugs and Reaper Virus

Version 1.2
-Added link to walkthroughs for each level
-Gave more starting memory to a few levels

Version 1.4:
-Fixed resizing problem
-Fixed start level being disabled in certain circumstances.

Version 1.5/1.6
-Minor bugs fixes and balance tweaks

Version 1.7:
-Minor bug fixes and balance changes
-Improved the color randomization so that it can no longer generate two similar color sets in a row.
-Added new mode when you collect all the data cores

Version 1.8:
-Added Easy skill level (+50 starting memory and +25% extra memory from enemies)
-Added keyboard shortcuts for changing game speed.

Version 1.9:
-Fixed some sound bugs.
-Added and updated some hints


good but short

short sad but im not that into TD

Great game

But its kinda too easy in some levels

Great, but not perfect

Its a pretty good game, really hard, which is new for a tower defence game (save for maybe harvest) but it can be a bit confusing at times.

as an example, the Linker and Fork upgrades seem to do the same thing.

it can also screw you over at times, like waiting to get a specific combo of upgrade colours. Red+Red+blue can take awhile. Maybe if you could select the colours instead of them being randomized, it would help a bit :\

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Nice game, bro

Very addicting and original.

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Nothing new, but oh so very enjoyable.

Ghost Hacker brings nothing entirely new to the Tower Defense genre, but offers an excellent game nonetheless. WARNING: Looking at the walkthrough WILL sap all fun from playing the game. Do NOT use it unless you're at your wits end.

Story/Script: 8/10
A cybernetic tale of deceit, division and cake. The story has potential and left me waiting for a sequel to see how things turned out. The twist was almost predictable, but satisfying.
Generally a well written script with some chuckles to be found in stage descriptions.

Gameplay: 8/10
Nothing new, but all good. Every tower is unique and the upgrade system allows for some very powerful combinations. Resource management is easy and interesting with the use of scripts for some quick potent effects.
The limited slots of programs you can bring in to each level does bring a certain element of strategy, but will gradually cause you to disregard some of the more unique towers in the game.
Enemies are varied and each type brings a fresh challenge, this keeps the game interesting all the way to the last level.

Graphics/Design: 9/10
The game looks the part. The game graphics and interface will make you feel like you're in an updated version of Hackers (terrible movie btw), but that isnt necessarily a bad thing!
Slick design makes menu navigation easy and the game is easy on the eyes. Just the way i like my Tower Defense games.

Audio/Music: 9/10
Fitting audio with muted clicks and bleeps. No complaints here.
The sounds of the towers firing and stuff dying are impeccable. A very important aspect of Tower Defense games.

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Credits & Info

4.42 / 5.00

Oct 23, 2010
3:23 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense