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Ghost Hacker

rated 4.42 / 5 stars
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Strategy - Tower Defense

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Oct 23, 2010 | 3:23 PM EDT

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Access Denied 5 Points Kill 200 enemies.
Core collector 10 Points Save 50 data cores.
Hack the system 50 Points Complete level 25.
Sector unlocked 50 Points Complete all 25 levels.
L33t Haxor 100 Points Save all 250 data cores.

Author Comments

Explore cyberspace and battle rogue AIs in your mission to take back control of the internet. Place towers and add upgrades to programs. Use scripts to directly attack enemies and interact with the map. Gain new programs, upgrades, and scripts as you explore 25 unique levels.

Some general hints:
-If there's multiple entrances, place towers after the paths merge together.
-Usually the best place to put towers is in spots where they hit different parts of the path that are far away from each other. Hitting one long stretch of path can be worse then hitting two small far away sections of the path.
-Watch what enemies are listed for each level and plan your towers and upgrades based on that.
-Scripts only temporarily use memory. You never lose memory using them.
-Recycling towers gives you 100% of your memory back.

Version 1.1:
-Gave more starting memory to a few levels
-Removed extra Data Core capacity on Bugs and Reaper Virus

Version 1.2
-Added link to walkthroughs for each level
-Gave more starting memory to a few levels

Version 1.4:
-Fixed resizing problem
-Fixed start level being disabled in certain circumstances.

Version 1.5/1.6
-Minor bugs fixes and balance tweaks

Version 1.7:
-Minor bug fixes and balance changes
-Improved the color randomization so that it can no longer generate two similar color sets in a row.
-Added new mode when you collect all the data cores

Version 1.8:
-Added Easy skill level (+50 starting memory and +25% extra memory from enemies)
-Added keyboard shortcuts for changing game speed.

Version 1.9:
-Fixed some sound bugs.
-Added and updated some hints



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great game

Really great game.

My only problem, and this doesn't lose you points as I can probably only blame myself is that I got completely stuck on lvl 9. Maybe I missed something, but so far as I could tell with some 20 tries at the level there is no way to make enough money to place enough sentry towers to kill all the armoured AIs on the first and second waves of only AI. The sentries are expensive, take ages to fire, and there are very limited spaces to put them...

But great game, nice story line and nice gameplay. The graphics are a little simple but fine for the game. All in all a good TD game, a nice addition to NG's fine collection :)


Rated 5 / 5 stars


always like this type of games, but i think this is the first time i seen a storyline in one of them made it more interesting i guess you can say haha, GJ

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


Quite exceptional in every way, shape and form. Easily the most interesting TD I've played in a long time. Loved the story, the graphics, the music, basically everything.

Just to reiterate support for a few things others have mentioned, a reward for getting 10/10 on each stage would be really nice and so would some of the other "niceties" of TDs like a sandbox or endless mode. Honestly though this game is complete as far as I'm concerned it's just that it would be cool to have even more reason to play it. =). Keep up the awesome work.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very nece!

I love the Theme of the game and all the different upgrades that are linked with computer terminology, id like to see it with some what 3d ish graphics like that in the new pokemon DS games. That would be badass!!!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Simply Stunning

Well, I'm sure you're sick of hearing this by now (or maybe not, I dunno), but this is quite honestly one of the best TDs I've played in...ever. The graphics are simple but beautiful, the enemies are diverse and inspire a sense of accomplishment upon killing them, the levels are challenging but not impossible, and the towers are quite easily the most fun to upgrade I've ever had.

All that said, please don't take this next part as harsh criticism, just suggestions that might make a fun game even more fun. A create-your-own-level mode, or an endless mode, would be a fantastic addition. Also, a way of sharing upgrade nodes, maybe a sort of memory-sharing system, would be pretty cool. Like say putting an Infector down and filling up it's upgrades, then putting a Compressor right below it and having it share the upgrades installed on the Infector, and then a Scanner below THAT, also sharing, etc etc. Deleting one "linked" program would require the deletion of all the linked programs, but I think it would add another level of customization to the upgrading of towers.

Fantastic game, and I hope you plan on more eventually.

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