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[W.I.P] Bleach vs Naruto

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Hey there! ^-^ I am a 16 year old student who is currently enrolled in Blackfriars Priory school. As part of my I.T studies we were asked to produce a flash animation of our choice. This is just a quick Flash animation that I am currently doing for a project I have. It involves sprites of characters from various anime games. I am quite new to flash animation, and I know this isn't that great. But nevertheless, I will hopefully continue to make more sprite animations. This is my first Flash Animation and would appreciate feedback (: . It is currently a work in progress, meaning that is not yet finished but I wanted to see what people thought of it before I finish it off. Here is the link to my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/us er/KurosaineDESU?feature=

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soooooo cool i love it part 2 plz

What I hate about cross-over battle scenarios is they always have to pair hero vs hero in an out of character fight. You didn't do that, which was good, but in exchange made it a sprite animation, something I frown upon and made the sound-effects and voice overs iffy. Not to mention the Rukia beheading was a bit much. ^^U Overall, it was pretty good imagination, minus a few aspects, and your animation can use a little work without relying on sprites.


FINISH PART 2!!!! 5/5-10/10

KurosaineDESU responds:

Thank you very much!! ^-^

A Hollow Mask

I love bleach and hate Naruto. How could you forget to give Ichigo a Hollow Mask?!?!

KurosaineDESU responds:

haha ^-^. I tend to love them both :D. Anyway thank you for your rating and that im just letting you know that it isn't quite finished yet :D. In the very near future I will add it into him. I mean, who could forget such a signature item from bleach? ^-^. Thank you again :D


Ichigo would easily beat pain because he can beat the interval of those 5 seconds with his speed

KurosaineDESU responds:

Yeah, I agree with you there but I had to power him up so that it would prolong the fight ^-^. It's not over yet. I'll keep updating this. :D