the zombie game DEMO

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okay...my first submission
it is´n good but it isn´t bad i think
for that reason i do this demo.
please tell me the bad points of this game o i can be betterand better
at least i maked a demo......

please vote and comment
remember: it´s just a demo
the real one it´ll be longer

i hope you like it
PS:i don´t remember the name of the
where is the bottom for close this?
oh there it is.
who in the world make a comentary with more than 3000??!!!
well, maybe there is somebody....


all some when will the real game come out cause i cant wait this is fing alsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nicomoron01 responds:

my computer was broken 2 years ago and all of my data was deleted.
i am going to try to make it again, but it wont be the same thing as the demo
sorry to dissapoint you.

but now i know someone is still interested in my game so i will try to create it
all over again

just because of you

thanks for reviewing my game.


As soon as i heard Glorious Morning on this, I was SO HEPPY!!!


I can't say this is the best game I've played, but it has potential. Good luck on this!

nicomoron01 responds:

thank you

needs improving

you should have 3 lives, so people have infinite trys.improve graphics and make them stick people or something

nicomoron01 responds:

but the 3 lives.... i don´t think i will do that (because i dont know)
so...... ¿you liked it? :D
a 7 is good! thank you :)

Not worth your time

I don't want to sound mean or anything, but this "game" is honestly not worth your time, no matter how bored you are or how desperate you are to play something. Please go back and completely redo this. Improve the graphics, give it a story, and some sounds, choose some different music, make it longer, and make it fun.

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nicomoron01 responds:

this is my first game!
im not a god doing games i still be an aprentice
yes, i will make more levels but this part i will not erase it.

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2.68 / 5.00

Oct 22, 2010
4:29 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click