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Help a funny man to come home, building a way of the phisic figures.Use mouse drag and "A","W","D" keys.


Awesome style!

I totally love the whole sketch-graphics! But the game was pretty slow and I got bored pretty easily, but that's my opinion, though. Again: Love the style!


Nothing to new or interesting...

Not bad

The game is fun to play, and really easy to figure out. Aside from a couple bugs I found, it's enjoyable at least.

The first thing I found, is that for most of the stages you don't even have to use all the pieces to complete it. I found super easy ways and just blew through most of them. Half the time you can not really even jump all the way to something, get glitched in it, and jump on top of it when you really should have fallen to your death instead.

The second thing I found, is that you really don't have to play the game it was designed to be played at all. I figured out a technique where I just jump across the whole level, while grabbing items from up above quickly, and setting them down in mid air so I can jump off them, then grabbing the next item, setting that down in mid air, and jumping off that, until I get to the end of the level. I beat the last level the first time using this block jumping method.

Other thant that it's a decent game, music is good, and pretty fun to play. As for the glitches idk what you can do. I suppose if you had a rule that all the pieces must be placed before you run through that would solve those problems completely, but I think it would also make some of the levels impassable.

Nonetheless, keep up the good work.

Love this

My fav 'build your bridge' game !
Music, art, gameplay ( especially the score system which is not just a timer ), everything is enjoyable.
I scored 455 btw.

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3.17 / 5.00

Oct 22, 2010
3:52 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle