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This is stick figure animation, albeit not great, with some existential comedic banter. I'll be uploading new episodes per week. Each episode will feature different topics. Next week is "This Has Nothing To Do With Matt Hardy." Music by DJ Sloth.



While I highly agree with the message (well its reality, so why not)

The presentation needs some work. I ended up not watching and jsut listening. You might want to put some effort into actual animation or else you end up with a radio show instead.

Also, the "insane bible thumper" is a bit hard to understand at times.
If you don't feel much like actual animation, maybe ask someone on NG to do it for you , a nice collab. The concept is worth continuing. It just needs a bit more quality. So Id call this a kind of testing of waters.

Keep on keepin on man!

abstractblond responds:

Yea when making this i realized how to fix the slow, lagging type of animation of the characters so the next one should be better in terms of animation. Plus I didn't bother to edit this for newgrounds, it's also on YouTube, so the next one will be presented in a more proper fashion for this site.

very nice

love the idea, but could you make your animations a bit smoother?

That's Awesome

Great movie 9/10

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2.16 / 5.00

Oct 22, 2010
2:24 AM EDT