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Nicole is in Mexico to find the Aztec god of war.

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This game is just as bad as the others. You seem to think that increasing difficulty means making it unfair. The hint button still fills up before it's actually able to be used. The magnifying glass doesn't actually magnify things well at all and the light effects on it make it harder to see with it than normally, rendering it totally useless. I once again got asked for "bug" but this time there were 3 bugs on the screen, unlike the two in the last game. The items are starting to match the descriptions less and less, or at least they're way too abstract in design for it to be fair. A "jug" is not a wicker basket with a teeny little cork in the top that's surrounded by other jug-like pots. A "drum" is not a detail-less log of tan color (like the one on the top of the screen in the first level). Asking to look for "skull" and "head" in a level FULL of faces (both the second and third level) is just impossible without the hint button, there's no way to tell what counts and what doesn't. That "monkey" statue has the most deformed face I've ever seen. Why make a "rock" part of the list, and why put that small rock next to several other similar rocks? This game is just full of cheap item placement, there isn't any real difficulty besides the stupid tricks


Wait my sister's name is Nicole and that looks like her FTW???

One of the things I saw...

...is that the objects you had listed in no way matched the items you had to find. There was one in particular, the owl i think, on the last room. it was a green statue that looked nothing like an owl. WTF. if you're going to use an animal, then at least use a picture of an animal.

another thing is the fact that you stuff hidden behind pillars and trees and couldn't really see what it was you were looking at. I know it's supposed to be a hidden objects game, but i actually like to find the objects without having to resort to the hint button to find half the stuff on the list. Speaking of with, if you use a hint and click out of the screen area, the game pauses, timer stops, but the hint is constantly reloading. might want to fix that.


litle fun

litle fun but fix it more beutiful and i coming like it.

found a glitch.

if you click outside the window it pauses the timer but your hint bar still fills up.

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3.02 / 5.00

Oct 21, 2010
6:20 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other