Luigi's Secret

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Luigi has broken up with his partner.



Why i didnt give 10
-You coudl voice act
-You coudl make a stop frame and replay button
-You coudl make stopAllSounds action

Things you did well:
+It had a story
+Sprites were used good
+Music was added well

Has some issues.

Sorry, but I...Honestly didn't find it funny. I was waiting for a punchline and it never seemed to come. The thing's alright in terms of animation, but there's several key issues, like the fact that Luigi apparently has flashing, multicoloured pants when he walks. It's not that hard to colour all three frames instead of one.

Aaand to top it all off, it loops ineffectively, and causes the sound to start over again on top of the old sound. That was irritating, and it messes with your sound if you leave it on too long. Which wouldn't be hard if someone left it open while he went and got a drink, so it would load. Coming back to find the same song playing over itself five times...Not fun. ><;

So yeah. Not /extremely/ bad, but...Needs work, mechanically and comedically.

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You might wanna consider making something with some substance or at least good humor.
And I will be completely honest- the video quality sucked. Might wanna consider fixing that, too.

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noticeable flaws

You need to do something about that music, like stream it or something. Put a stop(); on your last frame in the actionscript panel so I don't have to keep watching it; A replay button in case I do (but I don't). Also I don't mean to pick on you for this, but the story was kind of weak, I mean mario and luigi live in a world where there are only a few other humans, and mario is alreay fucking the one woman. Toad is pretty much getting raped in every castle by the koopa kids. So that pretty much just leaves a bunch of animals for luigi to plow. I mean this story is clearly about beastiality, not homosexuality. You could even have at least depicted them in the act to the song what what in the butt, and you've got an instant NewGrounds hit...maybe...

that was stupid

add a fucking play button next time
and maybe a joke
though i like how the song loops and stacks up

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1.60 / 5.00

Oct 21, 2010
1:10 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody