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D&D Requiem Teaser I

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Oct 20, 2010 | 9:50 PM EDT

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Author Comments

This is a teaser for my fanfilm "Requiem" Episode. It's a beta.
There will be a 2nd, as'll be bigger and better than this one.

Art/Animation/Voice/Visua l Effects: j3px
Script: Michael Reaves.
Sound Effects: Claster
Tools used: Pencil, paper, Crayola color pencils,
Prismacolor markers, Acoustica Mixcraft, Creative Audigy, and Photoshop CS3.

Dungeons and Dragons and its characters are property of TSR Entertainment, Marvel Entertainment, and Jetix.

I'm using Photoshop and am looking for a way to integrate the preloader. Any suggestions?



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


I like the style and I throw in an extra point for excitement.

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You should really use flash to make it all together and not have it as an embedded video in the flash so to say, I'm sure you know what I mean.
I'm a HUGE Dungeons and Dragons fan... I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for this in July, and I really hope you guys can pull it off. You made my night.

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dndrequiem responds:


I appreciate your advice on making the film in Flash. That said, as a kid who grew up watching this series, the one thing I care about most - is staying true to the look, feel- and format- of the original animated TV Series. Honestly, Epic, Flash can make it look cleaner. So, in playing the Devil's Advocate (to put it loosely), let's imagine that the show was developed using a technology just like Flash today (supposing that could happen). Flash would work most faithfully to it- because it would have been the original format, then (if it had been developed then and used).

That said, the fact is, as Toei used Classical Animation (Traditional) principles (Flash is its own creation apart in Digital art), the current technology just won't do it justice- because the goal is to capture as closely to the look, feel and sound of the genuine article as possible-- the kids of the 80s in their late 20s, 30's and early 40s (I'm one of the middle kids!) will scrutinize this the most carefully.

Let me illustrate.

Recall that Dungeons and Dragons movie of 2000? They used CGI and the latest technology- and even featured a cast including Jeremy Irons. Sadly- they did not contain more than a shred of the original premise. What did the true D&D fans (of both the RPG and the Animated series) think of it? How did it go wrong?

Getting back to your point- there are at least two other Requiem projects in development besides me. One is penciling a comic on deviantArt, which looks really promising. There's someone else on You Tube doing a 3D version using LightWave. Here's my lowly opinion on that one: aside from the characters being mediocre in appearance and detail, and the voice actors didn't sound like anything like the originals (except for Dungeon Master), the mood and scenery looked and felt good- and made me look forward to seeing more of it.

If you're a kid of the 80s,too, then I'm sure-- or at least hope- you understand my feeling on fidelity to the series.

Thank you for your comment! It means a lot coming from a fellow D&D Animated fan.

By the way, as I have so much to do, I've pushed the completion date to September 2013.


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So You Remember That Old 80's Toon Too Eh?

I remember there was this dorky wizard in it who was totally useless! XD
He's always be screwing up and pulled out the wrong spell! I think his name was Presto.

I remember there was this one funny Seanbaby article concerning the character in the cartoon. (He was comparing him to the Superfriends era Justice League; he was giving them all varying scores of "super ratings" from one to ten.)

I think he gave the Wizard a 2/10 or something. Harry Potter he wasn't! XD

Anyway, the art style and the character design seems to mimic the Tv show almost exactly sans the case with the backdrops and the foreground (they look a little plain and not as detailed as the backgrounds from the Tv show). Of course this clip was very short, and all I saw was that trollish dungeon master guy walking and turning and facing towards something offscreen. Welp good luck on your movie, I wonder if it's gonna be a more "darker & edgier" take on the series. You know, maybe with better writing and stuff.

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dndrequiem responds:


Thank you for your comment! You are correct in stating that the backgrounds are honestly a bit flat. I'm taking them to task- and will strip the hand drawn dolmens, and much of the background to digitally paint them. Toei was best at it then, and I will attempt to match their quality as best as I can- a huge challenge considering backgrounds usually get last priority with me. That will soon change....
(As for the the script- to date, it will be from Michael Reaves.)

You are also right in stating that the characters themselves appeared close to the show. As a kid of the 80s, any effort taken to create a tribute should match it as closely as possible.

That's my goal. Let's see if it happens.

Thank you for your comment


Rated 4 / 5 stars


Well it got my attention! It was a laggy video but but the voice acting sounded awesome and the animation was just as sweet! I can't wait to see the finished product!

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