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Nerd Zero

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Author Comments

NERD ZERO a fairly simple martial art style game with a story line of the nerd fights back scenario. While this flash game will get the nerds (who are not renown for their fighting ability) in a frenzy and the bullies of this world will say Nerd Zero sucks, it is not a bad fighting game to pass away an half hour or two just having some fun. OK this game is much better than double dragon :)

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I don't know if this is breaking copyright laws or not, but this is a big rip-off (and a disgrace) of Renegade. The original game had enough problems, but you totally made things worse by:
-slowing the game down
-disgracing Renegade with a stupid title
-where is P1's energy gauge?
Unlike what you said in your description, I would pick Double Dragon over this game any day.

wow the best game here from a long time

I remember when someone ripped super mario (I think it was tuper tario bros) everyone was so excited and the game got incredibly high rating so I was pretty much surprised when I saw the low rating here... What's up with you people - all I can see here is double standarts - sorry newgrounds that's a shame

Not great.

The controls were extremely unresponsive, and sometimes the attacks weren't what I expected; I would press the 'A' button, and my character would kick backwards, then I'd press it again and he would punch. The game plays very slowly, and it's impossible to actually string together combos; the character just doesn't punch fast enough to combo attack, so basically you end up trading punches with the enemies, not to mention they can grab you and beat the tar out of you. Also, the graphics seem to be almost exactly like the old NES game "Renegade"... I won't use the word "stolen," but if you're going to use an existing game as a basis for your own, you should at least give credit to the original. Even the moves are the same, and you went so far as to pretty much exactly copy the first level, too.

Not a whole lot of positive things I can say about this game, mate. Sorry about that.


me too i love kunio. I like both NES(Renegade, rivercity ransom, super dodge ball, Crash 'n the boys: Street challenge and Nintendo worldcup) and SNes titles. Great games... I also enjoyed famicon versions. The one i liked the most was Nekketsu K%u014Dha Kunio-kun

Please state the sources and give credits to NINTENDO for the sprite, decors, controls, moves, characters and storyline. To Kishimoto, creator of the first game title.

Also thanks to Mitsuhiro "Yoshimitsu" Yoshida and Hiroyuki "Mokeke" Sekimoto to have brought the title Downtown Nekketsu. Which were absolutly great.

oh and copied from the story of these games : "After Techn%u014Ds went out of business, a company founded by former Techn%u014Ds staff called Million purchased the intellectual rights for the games and characters."

I know the facts, i stated them, now for the actual review...

Not much to say actually. I am sadened by your actions, this has nothing to do with nerds (you thought the white jacket was a lab coat or something? it's actually Kunio's school uniform... while the blue is the rival school's uniform.)

I give 2 stars for the nostalgy it gives me. I do not know if you really stole this game (as Lamia seems to be implying) but i do know the real game and its serie. From which i see close to ninety percent copied stuff right in the first level. I would like to know your actual sources.

Couldn't you have found something good to rip off?

Cannot recall the (real) name of this game. I have my suspicions you weren't even the one who originally ripped it to Flash, but either way just changing the title screen and passing it off as original is incredibly tacky.

Credits & Info

1.29 / 5.00

Oct 20, 2010
6:07 PM EDT