The Jonfather

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I liked it...

Very good, even though I'm not into toilet humour, that was the best godfather ripoff I've ever seen :) U ripped the music good too. Keep the animations comming...

The-Great-Jon responds:

Thanks, i did alot of editiong and cleaning that stuff up in some wav editors and shit.


Ah just ignore him Jon. He's probably some 11 year old faggot who doesn't know shit about the world. That was a pretty good flash if you ask me.

The-Great-Jon responds:

Ya, i hear ya slice. It fucking pisses me off, when eather A. The worng people watch you movie ( cant you fuckers read ) or B, Some jackass comes up and tells me to die. Newgrounds is fucking great, its just its faggot visitors that make it look bad.

That sucks!

this is one of the worst flash movies ever

The-Great-Jon responds:

Alias: gohan_uk
Web: none
AIM: none

Age: 13
Gender: Male
Habitat: UK
Job: Student

Just the fact that your username is gohon would be enough, through in the reast and enough said. Go get some tit milk from your mom, gay.

pretty good

i like it alot i mean if u look at my reviews u see well i dont review high that much but this movie takes the cake it is good funny and the sound is pretty dame good to any way trust me u will love it

The-Great-Jon responds:

Thanks man, i created this movie for a smart audience, not fag infeasted 14 year olds as some of thease reviews come from. Its one thing, pointing out a movie flaws but its another thing to just sit their and call me gay, or say i should die. Thats stupid and thats not who this movies for. Again, thanks for the good review.

uh the sound clips where good...

Yeah the Deniro sound was good...thats...thats all.

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2.00 / 5.00

Jun 25, 2002
6:35 PM EDT
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