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Mickey lists his top 10 hottest video game chicks. Season Finale!


Great art, generic plot

Mickey is such a damn Mary Sue that it is embarrassing.

He knows everything. He can do anything. He never makes a damn mistake. When he needs to be erudite he is. When he needs to be street savvy he is. He is the only character that isn't portrayed as an imbecile. And though he is a complete asshole everyone keeps giving him second chances.

At the beginning of the series, I was rooting for the boss. I was expecting him to be the lead antagonist, giving the show direction. You can't have Star Wars without Darth Vader. Then the whole series goes dicking about aimlessly, pretending to be Brawl Funnies with better art.

But now we have that damn "Dear sister" scene and this plot about the boss being Mickey's father thrown in. We are left with a shitty version of Jerry. Why the hell didn't you lead up to this in any of the previous episodes, instead of having Mickey arguing with retards.

Still better than 90% of the stuff on Newgrounds.

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You know, Ninja may have a point

That could be one possible answer, he wanted to get his son out of corruption to try and do something more productive. But they're so far apart they refuse to speak. Of course next season will reveal more, but now time to ponder. The baggy eyes under the bosses eyes are very similar to mickeys. But the thing is how the series shows it it seems like an awkward twist. The conclusion must be gathered bye the clues from the series: What hints to Mickie past? Why does he hate video game so much? We can see from previous series that hotdiggedydemon has made that they are very complex and have more then meets the surfaces, this having to take the top with its twists. Maybe there is another relation in the story. Maybe Mickie killed the bosses wife and his way of revenge is sticking him here. Maybe for the series they wanted to pick someone so outside the normal usual game lover to represent a crowd that does hate video games. Maybe even mickey is part of large experiment. There also the possibility that Mickey is infact stuck in a coma like nightmare, or maybe even this is his hell. You can see the idea of coma being consistent. He is only in contact with three people, three people that could represent people he knows. He cannot escape, and cannot see anyone else. Of course, the limit knowledge of series also makes this assumption hard to take because there is so little of serious moments like this. Season 2 clearly is gonna show mickeys, "Devious" escapes that he make, supposedly. On his final straw he may become more violent. Another idea is this punishment for Mickey, these are cloned friends of his that were killed, he purposely refuses to get close because he knows there not suppose to be there with him. Of course it could be as simple as he is a crook, he doesn't care, and reason why he's there is for speculation of others. He's a living piece of art that purpose is to make the people think, When infact it just man face with countless trials who in the end just wants to be out. If we do go down the path of "Simply Mickey" that is Mickey is crook and there isn't much depth to him, and that fact he wants people to understand. Another possible one is Mickey is a lie, a double standard. June and Eric are there, small mined, introduced to something beyond to them, but was from the very same company to give some impression.

Well, that sums up theories, here more of what i think: Mickey doesn't want to kill them. He doesn't want to be there, and when pushed, he reacts, but fact is he doesn't care about June and Eric and just wants to leave, he doesn't want to make any friends, he wants to slip back into the forgotten world he came from. He attacks eric partly out of anger issues, Personality, but most is force because eric pushes the most. June he fines as idiot too but she doesn't push him as far.

Some other interesting notes is June may actaully like mickey even though there so different from each other.

But in honesty, i cannot give a full, true guess. The fact is, Hotdigggedydemon could read the post and get ideas base off what people say and bounce the back, maybe even changing the story based on what they say. He could have this months in advanced.

But yeah, it's an awesome series, funny, detail, intresting, well drawn, good audio, gotta love hanna orgasmicly good voice, i wonder what she sounds in bed. Anyways, it also perfect of what we come to expect from newground. Rough, Rude, Violent, Funny and surprisely clever.

As such giving this a 10 and 5 is clear. But it goes beyond that. The fact is with common usage of people using 10 and 5 it doesn't really give that feeling, this is good. This is why i suggest a speical rating you can give to only one flash of yeah, an super 6. This has alot more power then any of the numbers and can only be used sparingly.

Well, now at this point im just being dick trying to reach the character limit, i curious to see how long it is if you use all the characters given. It wasn't easy, but i pushed through, and i think it was well worth the effort.

I really hope you read this HDD!!!

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That was great.

Great finale to the season. Felt a lot more like the strong, character-driven work I'm used to seeing from you. While the pretence of comedy sometimes seemed to work depending on the episode, the drama and tension pulled through great on this one.

Between the possibility of the boss being an old Nazi officer, the cliffhanger ending and just a much larger interest in Mickey's character from this episode I can't wait to see more.

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This is the first episode I liked of WGS4K!

Ending the season with a cliff-hanger....


There's always this incredible way you tell a story without really explaining the plot or having the characters explain the plot.

It's genius in a sense because too often I see movies where things are literally "explained" to me.

I like that about your methods of story telling.

It's well expressed in the Jerry series and it's equally expressed in this episode of WGJ4Kz.

It's very good. I am quite happy with the season finale. I like how it ended

I look forward to all your future Flashes.

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