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This game aint so great, I only spent a few days on it, but it'd be a waste if I deleted it!
+I wanted to try the NG scoreboard API.
Have fun with it.

If I could only reach you
If I could make you smaaaaaaiiile
If IIII could only reach you
That- would- rea-lly- be- a breakthru

Oh yeah!

Breakthruuuuuu, these barriers of pain!
Breakthruuuuuu, yeah to the sunshine through the rain!

Make my feelings known towards you
Turn my heeaaaaaart inside and out for ya now!
Somehow I have to make this FI- NAL- BREAK- THRUUUUUuuuu
Now! (now now now)


637m, and daily third.

For that, I'll give you 7/10.
Let's face it, it's quick, repetitive, and just a fun distance game, without real replay value. And I honestly have no idea how people get into the 10k's, I only got 630 because I was scanning my laptop for viruses, and lagging. Made it easy to nab alot of peppers.
Otherwise, fun game, keep it up.


Very good graphics and concept. But maybe adding a few upgrade will be interesting. Anyway thanks for not deleting the game and sending it here

Cool game

Although it's hard to get the boosts it's still fun

I like the game

but its rather difficult with the mouse cursor below the character. Feels counter intuitive. I would of definitely missed a lot less if the cursor was actually on the character.

Addicting and great concept nonetheless.

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great game!

should of made it like the kool-aid man and he's like getting sugar cubes.
and how is it possible for some1 to get like 1.7k? :O

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Credits & Info

3.59 / 5.00

Oct 19, 2010
7:23 PM EDT
Skill - Collect