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Little Protectors

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A light-hearted defense game streamlining and simplifying Protector gameplay while adding fun new features.
Loot collection, resource harvesting, advanced targetting, multiple game modes and much, much more.

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Both a great challenge and fun to play - it isn't too hard once you realize how useful Scrunch and Splash are.

One complain is I never understood quite how Berserk works, there isn't a way to know either, as far as I can tell.

Little does not mean bad

What can I say this just makes a great series better
In addition, this is like the beginner pack for the game this gets you to learn and enjoy the game without much practice so good game for its intention

why them ?

Why the penguinos =(
well this is a fun game keep it up


Just completed it.

Quick note: to those having trouble, play different levels to unlock stuff, and at different stages in the game you will rely more on different types of units depending on what you have unlocked. For me, it was warriors, then mages for smunching, then archers for several reasons, then back to warriors. Also, the dress-up doesn't stick and you need to buy it in game with your resources. It's dress-up, after all...

Very well rounded game. It's been a long time since I've found a defence game that walks the line between "too hard, boring, I'll never win" and ""too easy, it's just the same thing for hours on end". No, this was "Damn, I nearly had it then! Let's try again, I know I can do it!"

That meant that it's lasted me for several days, and the way I had to keep changing tactics throughout and re-distributing skill points? Brilliant. The style and tone is perfect and it was a joy to play.

Couple of things -
Noticed one or two bugs, but these happened in one-off circumstances. It was generally to do with targeting creatures over resources even when it was in range and marked.

Some sort of ending would be nice.

The tutorial is fine, but I never really understood what Beserk did. Maybe I glossed over that part. Also, it took me a while to work out what "giantslaying" did (you hover over the symbol in the unit's upper box to find that out) and how damage was calculated. Does it do
((weapon damage + base damage) + %damage bonus) + giantslaying bonus?
It's not heavily important but I would have liked to know.

Armour could do with a bit of an explanation as well. I thought it was % based for half the game rather than damage reduction.

Anyway, just give it a more definite ending - a little video, perhaps? - plus a little more explanation, and you're sorted.

great game!

i hardly ever see tower defense games where its actually necessary to continuously keep your eye on the game. its been a long time since i've actually had a challenge winning.

to anyone having trouble beating the game, try upgrading your units armor and weapons. and every unit type is useful and necessary in beating levels. i recommend starting missions with as many archers as possible though, since you don't have many defenders to start with you need as much range as possible.