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I worked really hard on this one. You cannot win in this game becoase there isnt bright future with drugs.
So please vote 5 to send this message to people :(
-I added that you can try out MDMA! :D |
There are lot of cheats but I will tell you one of them: |
-Type "CNtN3" in the enter cheat box then press Enter. |
After that type in "gotoS" then press enter. |

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yes the winners and losers might use drugs nowadays

Hmmm, if the message is "drugs are harmfull" why did you choose the harmless ones?
Tried all of these, and did quite a bit of reaserch on them and with exception of 2C-B (well, maybe MDMA too if you go REALLY overboard) they are harmless to your body. This should include things like coke, meth, and H, or benzos, i find it really weird you chose psychedelics which aren't even addictive.
Oh, and the game is bugged, cant take anything except shrooms & mdma

OneEgg responds:

Hey thanks for respond. I agree with that, maybe one day I will change the game.


i think you could have done a little more with it like having to meet with a dealer or something but overall i thought it was ok.

I hoped of more

I couldn't quite figure out the moral of the game, if one at all, I was randomly caught by the police and the message at the end stated "you don't win with drugs," so i'll assume the authors are anti - drug.

I could say I'm against drugs too, very much, but wanting to screw around with a game, I expected more, plus it's kinda hard to understand,

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1.28 / 5.00

Oct 17, 2010
12:05 PM EDT