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Solar Storm X

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Author Comments

Mouse to Move
Left Click to use shield
Collect Powerups
Avoid Meteors

(Sorry to the person whose audio I've used, I lost the original name so can't add them as audio credit. If you somehow find the game, PM me and let me know its your audio and i'll give you the appropriate credit)

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the game is boring don't have a final if you go to a level too high u allways gonna die the meteors don't have an safe space in a high level that's the error and i think the arcade and survival mode is the same... sorry but is too simple

I dont know.

Not the most interesting game.

Not a very entertaining game.

This game was very boring. It starts out slowly and builds up speed as any decent survival game, but the lack of any real activity other than dodging meteors makes the game get dull really fast. Eventually you even reach a point where it's entirely impossible to dodge meteors AT ALL. As if it wasn't challenging enough to have increased speed(which it wasn't, really, since it didn't get fast enough before meteors spawned too fast), now we get an impossible challenge. I can understand that you want people to lose eventually, since it's a survival game and all, but at least give the players a chance. It's not very fun to try to survive when the game throws screen-wide meteor waves at you every second, giving you no opportunity to evade.

Overall this is a below-average game. I didn't have fun playing it and it's designed in a very poor way.

Nutter666, if you decide to pursue this concept further, I suggest you put in a lot more work, such as having rotating meteors for some more pleasing graphics, having the missile powerup actually look like the missiles fire out of the ship rather than just appear in front of it and, above all, give the player a chance. Make it so you can actually survive a meteor wave but the speed increases at the same rate, that way the speed will be what kills the player and not the huge screen full of meteors.

Nutter666 responds:

Players have a chance, the more shield powerups you collect before the max level the longer you can last when you hit the max level.

Sorry not a 10

Got to where it was in posible to go without getting hit 1 right after anuther no way ro move back and forth or would of been a 10

Nutter666 responds:

You realise the whole point of it is to hold out for as long as possible.. i.e until you die. Did you complain about the end of Halo Reach too?

I couldn't start

This, i'm afraid is too buggy. Hammer out my glitch (I started out paused, and it said to roll over ship, but couldn't) and I'll give it a better rating.

Nutter666 responds:

It appears to be working for me. Was it being played in fullscreen mode or pop up?

Credits & Info

0.83 / 5.00

Oct 17, 2010
9:53 AM EDT