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Dex Maverick

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This is my 3rd submission to NG, hope you all like it.

Help Dex start his adventure by taking him through his mage academy training course, where he will learn how to use magic and get past obstacles. His abilities include a magic projectile attack, a charged-up magic attack (hold down 'x'), a dash move (run and press down) and also wall-jumping (across and vertically), wall-sliding (meaning you can time your wall-jump), and ledge-climbing.

It's a quick game to get to the finish, but if you try to collect all the medals and bonus bubbles, you will probably find it much more challenging and it may take some more time to find all the hidden areas.

So have a go, and please tell me what you think!


For those who are struggling with jumping, I'm not sure what the issue is... just hold left or right and press jump when you get to a edge. If you tap jump it will just do a small jump (like Mario), if you hold it down, you will get a full jump. Pretty straightforward. If there are any glitches or something, please give some specifics or I can't do anything about it, as much as I'd like to fix it.

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Good game

the game coul have been a little darker if you put a sword in your next game and more spells i find the game good go on


The graphics are very well thought out, and the story has some depth. I believe this game has a lot of potential and would be one of the firsts to play if a sequel/spin-off were to be made.

The jumps did kind of take a while to have to get used to, especially the wall jumps, but it gets easier once you get the hang of it and it didn't take long really. I applaud the uniqueness of his being able to hang from the leaves and the 'physics' of seeing the leaf bending with his weight.

The enemies weren't too hard, the ghosts were a bother but that's what made the game challenging.

Overall, I think this game deserves praise as well as it's developer. 2 Thumbs up and looking forward to more of your games.

ZZR responds:

Hmmmm, thanks Joanie :D

good game

well is not perfect but the graphics are good and is a good platformer game after all almost u can go to the 10 but the jump hate me T_T


there r some gliches in the games freezing some of the actions, causing the them to not work or not stop working.

Not so bad.

Well the game is ok.

Credits & Info

3.87 / 5.00

Oct 17, 2010
7:06 AM EDT