UFO Shooting

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Hello fellow Newgrounders, my name is chickenTechno and i'm 14 and this is my third games so far. hope you like it!

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Its all been said.

Basicly, total step in the right direction. Just listen to the comments you are getting and you will be fine. Good improvement on the first try with a gun. (looking forward to the next one)


This is a beginning for a great game maker?

You definitely have some work to do though. A title screen of some sort is always nice. Some instructions are even better. The music is great for a UFO game. There should be some visible bullets of some kind instead of just using a crosshair and guessing that's what's happening. Your gun noise worked perfectly, however.

A major concern I had was . . . who the hell can bring down a UFO with a handgun?? Even for an unrealistic game, that's pushing the limits.

I also agree with the first poster . . . there should be a retry/restart button accessible after you finish the game. Other good buttons are pause and mute.

Lengthening the game would make it more popular. Add levels and upgrades that you can obtain (different weapons you can buy at a shop or bullet speed/damage upgrades). New units in levels and a slowly increasing difficulty.

Just a few thoughts, sorry the review was so long.

Congratulations on a game and good luck if you choose to continue!

ChickenTechno responds:

If I can figure out how to make an upgrade selection for a gun. It would take me more than a month and I did this within a day. My father hogs the computer and I never really get a chance to get on. If I could tell you how much actions script I'm writing it would take a long time to read.


not really good but i think you can do better than this oh btw maybe a little delay before ufos fire?


keep up the good work!also coudos to the PAUSE BUTTON.I'll keep an eye out for for future projects by you.


its a huge improvement over your other 2 . keep improving on this basics and implement them in a larger game. and you can make something ur realy proud of .

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1.97 / 5.00

Oct 16, 2010
7:02 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person