Shooting Targets

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Author Comments

Hello fellow newgrounders, this is my second game I made and I hope you like it! only took me an hour or less.

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Death to the dots

It's a good idea. To improve I wold add a high score, a time limit to the dots, and if you miss the counter starts over.

ChickenTechno responds:

Ill be on that right away. I wanted to put target practice as my title but It was taken. I know its pointles but since i'm just starting out in flash, I was learning new javascript code so the target can spawn randomly. I also put a start game icon that grows big when mouse is over, Better graphics, and a pause button. I really have improved with this game from my first one

cant do it

4 for some effort. but its too simplistic and there is no real end goal. you just shoot easy to hit red discs with no end to it no progression you seem to have skill with art if you drew that bun but my guess is you got it off a flash tool site. it was a noble idea and with improvement it could be good and i'd love to give you some ideas for it. but it can't stand on its own right now man.

Good way to kill afew minutes

While it was fun (and the music was well chosen) its also very simple. Perhaps its just me, but no preseaveable progress made me lose intrest quickly. I made it to 50 targets and then thought "...ok... done now" I recomend trying something slightly difrent. The mechanics as a game are good (and the gun is in my oppinon, very well drawn.) now implement them into something like a shooter. Perhaps a story, some arcade like game? Whatever you chose, I wish you luck on your next game. This is definately a step in the right direction.

ChickenTechno responds:

Thank you for you response I was just learning new javascript codes so I tried them out. I will definatly use your advise!

Simple and nice

i like it :)


This game is pretty pointless... You shoot at non-moving, very large targets the whole time. There's not even a highscore list or anything... 1/5, the only reason I'm not giving it a zero is because the artwork on the gun and the little bit of animation is pretty good. Not counting the animation and artwork, it looks like it took 1 day to make this... One more thing: the gunshot sound is WAY off - and... what's up with the pause button? Why do we need to pause?

Credits & Info

1.94 / 5.00

Oct 16, 2010
12:18 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person