Epic Combo!

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Okay, so you're this businessman with a giant hammer. You hit turtles to earn money. You use your money to buy lasers and springs and things to smash more turtles. Repeat for the most EPIC combo ever.

This is a game to earn 10,000 combo as fast as you can. How fast can you earn it?

Programmed by jmtb02, Produced by Armor Games
Music by Kevin Macleod

Arrow/WASD to move, space to mash. S to visit the store

Nothing against turtles, I really like them.


Oy, addictive!

The graphics aren't the strong point of the game, and aren't very fancy, but they work, concerning the player would probably be paying more attention to the gameplay and the epic combo they're getting. The animation is simple but pretty good.

The audio is good. The music is catchy and the sounds fit.

The game's strength is that it's very addicting and fun. Watching your combo go up is... well... epic. :D

Overall I had a lot of fun playing this! Faving this, because I'll probably come back to it one day from looking through my favorite flashes and say "Hey, I remember this! This game was awesome." :) Great job, man!

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Great game

All though playing can get a little boring, it's still awesomely fun the first time.

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4.43 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2010
3:41 PM EDT
Action - Other