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Game name: Anime Fighting Jam

An interesting anime fighting jam game. All the characters in the game are well-known figures in anime. Choose your favorite one to fight for glory. Outstanding graphics makes the game much more attactive. Enjoy this fighting game.
Player1: WASD to move, J to attack, K to jump, L for specialities, U for mixed attack and I for skills;
Player2: Arrow keys to move, 1 to attack, 2 to jump, 3 for specialities, 4 for mixed attack and 5 for skills.
You can set the controls in game.

Size: 640x500
URL: http://www.freegameswow.c om/games/anime-fighting-j am/
Tags: anime, fighting, multiplayer, action


most awesome anime fighting game i've played

you know,it was fun to move around,i like that in you.this may be a comment on an old game,but i can't seem to win with naruto to good,I Always lose when i fight luffy with him,i mean his damage goes up to 1559.Anyways i play as The Dark Messenger and The dungeon fighter Guy.I Also Like that you included Naruto Rendan and Kyubbi,anyways this is a great game,you may want to make Male and Female sniper an easier target to hit too.

4/5 stars

Fairly fun

If this happens to be your last submission, at least you went out with something good. I liked this because it was so fun to beat up the other guys so much. I first played as Naruto and I could swear that I predicted the computer was going to pick Naruto as well! The only reason I lost that fight was because it was hard for me to tell which Naruto was me. That being said, the other fights were good because they were quite easy. I generally do not like something that easy, but I still had fun.

It was interesting to see such a unique cast of characters fight. I had no idea who half of them were and I thought I knew every fighting character as I am a big MUGEN fan. While I may never get that, at least I will always have this. It was the most fun to play as Luffy because of how his arms stretched when he punched. It was also great to be able to move around.

Not to bad

The game was a lot of fun, but a little bit too easy. For every battle except the final, I would be able to dodge every attack, and string together 20-hit combos that would end the game too quickly. Also, some of the ads in the game darkened the screen (the Saw movie ad) and kept the game dark for the rest of the time I played. Other than that, this is a solid fighter, and a solid submission.

wayyyy too easy

i went male sniper and didnt get hit once by not even moving and just pressing the same button

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3.14 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2010
6:09 AM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS