Pixel Guy's Quest

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Hello folks!

This is the first game that I have actually FINISHED as an indie. I had been working on a game that I have been grinding away at for years - but took a break and made this little guy to remind myself what it feels like to finish something. I've got a few other little ideas I expect to put up at some point, so keep in touch!

I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for playing!



It's OK

As a fan of Super Mario, I am ashamed of my 263 deaths at the end!

105 deaths. . .

It's pretty good. Animations are fluid for pixel-platformer. i started dieing a lot near the end of act 2.

course that's not to say a difficult to master system of traps is a bad thing.

The reason i scored lower than 8-10 is mainly because the moving background distracted me a little. the background in a realistic sense moves slower than the foreground, as in a scrolling 2d platformer the foreground moves fast and the background moves slow. Other than that i think it's a fairly solid minigame. The story is a bit silly but for killing time this is as good as any.

Not epic but not fail. This game is so so.

It's ok

You have some very good things going for you in this game. The running jump was done nicely and I like the style. However the gameplay is rather boring. Perhaps find a way to spice it up? Maybe not take such small steps in introducing the player to new gameplay elements. idk, I'm sure you can come up with something better than I could ever think up. :P

Already done

This type of game get's 1/10 for originality.
However, you did it well. It's smooth and decent, i did have some bugs though. One of those being that sometimes my jump animation would break and i could only jump half as high and when there was nothing around to kill me. I had to restart the screen.


67 deaths but the ending was funny. Fine just take care of him. He was like wtf of course I will take care of him he is my freaking cat. It would have been nice to know that the running long jump is the only way to jump higher Cause I was wondering why my guy would sometimes just give me this baby jump. The hit detection for the spikes was atrocious. You probably knew that since you made the space between them huge. I fell for the death ball in the background. Jumped right into it lol. I had fun so thanx for the 8 minute time waster

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3.08 / 5.00

Oct 14, 2010
10:31 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle