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Reachin'Pichin has patched up to version 1.11.

Change log v1.1

Fixed the bug where player can't unlock evolution & check out sponsor link achievements.

Change log v1.1

We sincerely apologize for saved game data that were lost during the update!
A new way to save data has been implemented. This time around, it will be more secure!

Game Balance
Beast Skill : Predator's Instinct - Skill duration dropped from 6 to 2.

Players are now able to unlock Achievements under Growth Points Collection.
Fixed the bug where achievements are all unlock when one is playing the game for the first time.
When you roll over the stats button when it is 9/10 - it no longer indicates "Completed"

A perfect game is still slightly far from our reach - but until then, we are striving our best to make this game as awesome and good as possible!
If the bugs annoyed you and resulted in your voting for Reachin'Picin to be lower than 5, do give us another chance!

We hope you like Reachin'Pichin and will continue supporting us!

by Kurechii


Somewhere in a galaxy far away, a creature named Pichin was born. It was the results of a levitation experiment, but it didn't have the slightest signs of being able to fly.
Determined to prove its worth, Pichin works hard to reach the highest star.
In this action-arcade game, you play as Pichin and explore the skies filled with amazing eye-candy and fantastic graphics!

Fly up, up and away with just a click and soar through the beautiful realm. Traversing the vast skies only requires a single control: your mouse! Flying has never been easier!

When playing Reachin'Piching, prepare to expect the unexpected as you will come across various upgrades and obstacles to spice your journey upwards. Not forgetting, Pichin has three evolution paths! Each path has its own unique skill set - so don't hesitate to check them all out! Of course, with all these spiffy upgrades, obstacles and evolutions - there is bound to be achievements up for grabs.

Lastly, we promise loads of fun while exploring the visually appealing and engaging world of Reachin'Pichin!



I had fun playing this, but I was kind of annoyed by the random upgrades. I'd prefer to pick and choose which path Pichin takes instead of all those percentages determining things. Also on that line of thought, most of the upgrades that I got cost Green and Metal points. I ended up with TONS of the Red points in the end and it really through off my percentages. Basically after the first evolution I was actively trying NOT to pick up Reds...

Thank YOu

That was a great game.
It made me feel happy just playing it. I think you guys are great game desginers.
It was very fun.

Its good but too childish

there are lots upgrades and it is lot of fun to play. also i like the evolution and skills system !
it is easy but fun

This game is unique!

This game truly is awesome. The Evolution, Upgrade, Skill system is nicely done.
I give it my 10!

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fun :)

great game, love the upgrades. classic style ;)

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4.35 / 5.00

Oct 14, 2010
11:58 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other